Social Media: It's a Woman's World So What Would you Like?

   By drodriguez  Oct 01, 2011

When it comes to social media, there is now proof that women are leading the pack when connecting with friends, family and colleagues. Mashable reports about a recent study conducted by Rebtel that finds women utilize social media sites like Facebook and Twitter far more than men.

Rebtel CEO, Andreas Bernstrom explains, “Our findings show that men tend to lag behind women when it comes to communicating with others through social media, which debunks other recent studies that suggest that men are more savvy networkers between the sexes.”

Given the recent staistitics showing women dominate social media it would make sense that these sites have women users in mind as they change and grow. Facebook recently rolled out some new changes to the site’s layout and function in an attempt to keep up with Google+ (and get ready because there are more major changes to come.)

So how do women feel about the Facebook changes? We had an overwhelming amount of responses on our Facebook page from many users who were not happy with the layout changes.

One user writes, “I am hating it! Why do they have to keep changing things every day!!! There are some ppl who just really like to keep it simple!” One week later some have changed their tune and love the site’s changes while others are still having a hard time adjusting.

Facebook has also received recent press concerning privacy issues with the way it keeps a history of its users on everything from who has ever poked you to every event you’ve ever been invited to. (If printed out, the history can be up to 880 pages long!)

The complaints about the new changes and privacy issues have left some to question whether Facebook should remain a free service.  After all, if users had to pay for the service they would probably have more of a say about how it functions. But then again, many of us consider “free-of-charge” one of Facebook’s biggest perks.

One week later have you adjusted to Facebook’s changes?

Seeing as how women dominate social media use, how would you like to see sites like Facebook change and grow?

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DesiraeSpeaks by DesiraeSpeaks | Barnhart, MO
Oct 04, 2011

Technology is ever evolving thus changes are always being implemented. For the less tech savvy like my mom (who is a FB user) the changes can be very frustrating and annoying. I also feel FB has done so well because it is a free network, if they charge will it still be as successful!?!?

Britnev by Britnev | Clearwater, FL
Oct 04, 2011

Even though I must get used to the recent changes it doesn't mean I must like them. I understand that FB is a free service and as such we should appreciate all that it provides BUT I don't think that gives the right for FB to dictate how our page should look & feel. If they want to make changes do so but make it our option to apply changes if we want them. I would like to see FB putting some of their energy into making a FB mobile app that works on a smartphone.

Bearyunique by Bearyunique | Southington, OH
Oct 03, 2011

I just go with flow. I signed up for facebook because when my father died, I was 5 years old, and he was from Puerto Rico. I never talked to his side of the family again. My mom married a prejudice man and I was never aloud to contact them. So when my stepdad died, I finally got to talk to them last year and facebook is our way of keeping in touch. Now I just have to learn spanish.

Roseofsharyn by Roseofsharyn | Candler, NC
Oct 03, 2011

I feel like I'm losing control over my privacy on Facebook. With all the new changes, it seems privacy is being taken away or at least the ability to make our info more private. The ticker on the right hand side of the news feed is just terrible and I have not found a way to opt out of it. I don't want my every move being tracked, nor do I want to spam people. If Facebook uses the actual users to get feedback from on changes, then why aren't they hearing us this time? Many people feel like they're not hearing us, and I'd have to agree.

Mom4georgia by Mom4georgia | Canton, GA
Oct 03, 2011

I have not really adjusted. I am finding that my time is less on Facebook than it used to be, but when I am on, I'm usually on for at least 30 minutes or more. Its too time consuming to sort through all of the new stuff.

cdbram by cdbram | Bristol, FL
Oct 03, 2011

I am still not liking it. I liked the most recent feature that I was used to. I also do not like seeing when my friends comment on posts of people that are not my friends.

proudgymmom by proudgymmom | lynnwood, WA
Oct 03, 2011

Since the changes...when I use the app on my phone I don't get notifications like I used to. It also seems that everytime I turn around there is a new button or look of the format...just go back to the old way!!!!

sammy10127 by sammy10127 | REDWOOD CITY, CA
Oct 03, 2011

I love facebook. But I hate the little stalker bar now, its annoying and I find myself posting less and less. I do however like the fact that all of our chats are saved and I can go back and view conversations that I've previously had

JKellen by JKellen | Burke, SD
Oct 02, 2011

Like most people, I hate change, but I know that change is inevitable. I just try to make myself adapt, especially with changes in things like Facebook. I just remind myself that if the web sites did not update themselves, they would be hacked into a little easier, and there are updates that they have to do to keep up with the latest technology. It is frustrating though!

anngut by anngut | Harlingen, TX
Oct 02, 2011

I liked it the way it was before. I took a break from facebook for a week and because I was really sick and came back and it was all different! I don't like their "Top Stories". I like chronological order. AND, I like my privacy. I wish they would give me some!

Beanie45 by Beanie45 | BARTON, MD
Oct 02, 2011

I don't care for the new changes to FB. It seems a bit confusing. Since becoming a member I have seen 2 changes. The original set up was the best. When the first change occured, I was like "what in the world have they done!?!?" But I adjusted and everything was great. This last change was not necessary at all. I'm all for change, I love change actually, but only if it's for the better. I feel this FB change was definitely not the way to go!

stillgoing by stillgoing | HVRE DE GRACE, MD
Oct 02, 2011

Maybe it is just me but when I use the app on my phone, it's worse than using my laptop. I don't get notifications and messages. But I will admit, it has made the overposters on my friends list a slight bit tolerable. I don't really want to "hide" anyone but there are those moments when the latest homebased businesswoman is peddling her wares and my wall is overwhelmed. I always figured when I get a handle on it, it changes or the bugs are gone. It is free.

didama by didama | MAPLEWOOD, NJ
Oct 02, 2011

I don't like the new changes but, of course, we'll all get use to them. The question is whether we will stick with Facebook as it keeps making some of these changes. I have more and more friends joining Google+.

loves2read13 by loves2read13 | Chesapeake, VA
Oct 01, 2011

I don't mind change but I really hate it when FB makes changes and then I feel that they are being dishonest about what they have really done. I mean why do I have to recheck my settings every time they make some sort of a change?? I think it is set just for family and friends to see and I want it just to know that my privacy is going to stay that way and my personal information is not going to be sold to charities, telemarketers and whoever else. It is getting to the point that I really trust FB less and less.

Twinkle-Lyn by Twinkle-Lyn | COUNCIL BLFS, IA
Oct 01, 2011

@msavie: How do you opt out of the sidebar? I would love that! I haven't seen anything that gives me that option, but most of the time I'm accessing FB through my phone and I think you tend to miss important account information this way.