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Introducing "Clear Coffee" To Avoid Coffee-Stained Teeth. Enter Our Starbucks #CoffeeGiveaway!

on Apr 19, 2017: I love flavored creamers and sugar in my coffee. I'm really not sure about the clear coffee. I guess I'd just have to try it. I can't imagine it's as enjoyable as regular coffee though.

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Enter @SheSpeaksUp's #TheNightingale Book Club Giveaway!

on Apr 19, 2017: I've really been looking to start a book club with some friends. We were thinking of calling it the boozy page turners......yes, we were drinking wine at the time haha!

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Spring #SheSpeaksMusts: Waffle Pops, Oprah & a Perfect Mother's Day Gift! Win Prizes From the List!

on Apr 19, 2017: That nail polish is very pretty! I'm also loving calligraphy right now.