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Put Your Wallet Away, More Restaurants Do Away With Tipping

on Jan 10, 2015: I think it is a great idea if the staff are properly compensated by the restaurant. We tend to tip very well and only if it is a really bad service do we leave less than 20% however I know plenty of people who don't tip well (if at all). I would rather pay more for my meal and not have to worry ab…

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4 Tips for Cold & Flu Season and Walmart Gift Card Giveaway! #ReliefIsHere

on Jan 10, 2015: Chicken noodle soup. I swear by this when I have the flu or any type of bad cold. Not only does it taste good and easy to digest when you don't feel like eating but there is something in the chicken broth that is a natural antibody to help fight the flu bug.

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Enter The #GivePink Giveaway For A Chance To Win a $75 Bloomingdale's Gift Card

on Oct 17, 2013: I would like to say that I would buy something for someone in need or give the card to my Mom so that she can treat herself to something she deserves but you know what, I work very hard and also deserve a treat once in awhile so, I have no idea what it would be but I would purchase a wonderful sur…