Tiger Woods Says Goodbye To Privacy

   By drodriguez  Dec 08, 2009

We’ve all heard the news and witnessed the number of women on the list of Tiger Woods’ alleged extramarital affairs growing daily.  Whether you seek out the reports or just happen to hear about them on the evening news, it seems they are everywhere.  The extent of the Woods coverage is leaving many to question whether all of this should be such a public matter. 

Even if you have no interest in golf, you are probably well aware of who Tiger Woods is and most of us know how he prefers to keep his life, outside the sport, very private.  All of this changed recently when Woods was involved in a car accident just outside his home.  After the accident, reports started surfacing about a domestic disturbance with his wife that may have led up to the accident and the alleged affairs that fueled the disturbance. 

With each day since the accident it seems a new woman declares publicly that she too had an affair with Woods.  The latest count of women making this claim is ten.  A recent articles from Forbes discusses whether or not Woods’ family matters should be kept private.  A poll from The Sharkey Institute for Seton Hall University found that 78 percent of responders thought that details about the car accident and the alleged fight with Woods’ wife should have been kept private.

Tiger Woods himself has responded to all the press surrounding him and his family when he said, "Personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn’t have to mean public confessions."  Forbes points out how this statement is ironically presented in the form of a press release and a public confession.  This is reminiscent of the way the women who host ABC’s The View recently agreed on air that Tiger Woods’ family problems should be kept private just before they all began to dish on the latest gossip that surrounded him.

What do you think of the way the media has been covering Tiger Woods’ affairs?

Do you think when someone in the public eye commits adultery we have the right to hear about it or should it remain a private family matter?

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cyndibirk by cyndibirk | Bardstown, KY
Jan 26, 2010

Tiger's mistresses are CNN headlines...really, that is newsworthy? Why do people hold entertainers and athletes in such high regard? Are they really role models? I don't think of them that way. It is all about the money- money doesn't mean that someone is worthy of adoration. money is part of the problem. The salaries some people make are part of the problem; they feel they are untouchable. I don't know about anyone else, but I would rather see children influenced integrity, pride, sense of self, and knowledge rather than the almighty dollar. Private lives should remain private. It is a problem in the workplace for everyone. Seems to me advancement is not dependent on performance and ability as much as it once was. Now what someone does in their private life is a factor. College kids need to be wary of social networking sites and what they put up...this might come back to haunt them.

cybrown551 by cybrown551 | HOOKSETT, NH
Jan 11, 2010

I believe that the media does have a right in it and it should not be Tiger Woods matter. He is a public figure and he is an influence on our children especially African American children. And what he did was a disgrace to his wife, his children and the other women who were involved with him. If he had a problem with being married than he should not have gotten married or he should have got out of his marriage.

GailRN by GailRN | west bend , WI
Jan 10, 2010

The media protray their own take on it despite the truth. Over, and over and over again. I feel due to the circumstances surrounding the incident bringing it out in the open the public was entiltled to become aware, as he is public figure. But, now leave them at peace to work through this in privacy , for the wellbeing of his children and his wife.

Jan 03, 2010

When celebrities endorse products that they want you to purchase and portray an image of a nice, decent, family man - then I do think the PUBLIC needs to know the truth about such things. Otherwise it is private business and for many celebrities, it should stay that way. But for Tiger, most of his income comes from this source where he portrays "2" distinctly different images, one to the public and one in private. So, I believe he is brought this media frenzy/disaster on himself and whatever else may happen in his life.

Alyssarae92293 by Alyssarae92293 | BOYNTON BEACH, FL
Dec 29, 2009


mommys3angels by mommys3angels | Pepperell, MA
Dec 23, 2009

I say leave him alone for the sake of his wife and his kids. If the media would stop building people up like they do maybe it wouldn't be such a let down when they fail - as it seems a lot of them inevitabley do.

Linda9647 by Linda9647 | Howard Beach, NY
Dec 17, 2009

He's alllready hung himself but what about his wife and kids thay don't deserve it. It is a private matter between them, none of our business. His wife has already suffered enough maybe she knew maybe she didn't but when it is put in her face every day she can't get it out of her mind even for awhile, not fair to her. Let her have some peace I won't read or listern to it anymore.

Maureenbme by Maureenbme | DOWNERS GROVE, IL
Dec 17, 2009

Do I think what he did Is right ?NO ! But unlike a former President and many other Famous people before him he chose not to lie about his poorly made choices.It is just a shame for all the youngsters that looked up to him to have to loose such a seemingly great role model. over all what anyone chooses to do with their personal life is theirs to decide. who am I or anyone else to judge

jakeremom by jakeremom | HEBER SPRINGS, AR
Dec 15, 2009

Tiger has made a huge mess in his cage, but please let it go and let them deal with it themselves! I think that it is ok to tell the news but then move on to something or someone else. I think the tiger will roar again!!

bvannucci by bvannucci | Milwaukee, WI
Dec 15, 2009

This too shall pass......................Michael Jackson's funeral was almost a national holiday, Britney's last album went platinum, we still love Lindsay Lohan, Whitney's comeback was more successful than her beginnings................Tiger Woods is one of the most successful golfers of all time. He has been awarded PGA Player of the Year ten times, the list goes on. We like him for his ability to entertain us on the golf course. Leave it at that!

Kayleebabyxox by Kayleebabyxox | Cherry Valley, MA
Dec 15, 2009

if he didnt want people to think he was a cheater he probably shouldnt have cheated so no i dont think it should be kept private.

AimeeAken by AimeeAken | Omaha, NE
Dec 15, 2009

The problem & reality is... this happens to people EVERYDAY.. yet if they are famous it is a big deal. They are people like you and me. If something happens in your private life, should be put it in the newspaper?

Angelbeck80 by Angelbeck80 | BEAVER FALLS, PA
Dec 14, 2009

I disagree. Their families should be off limits. People should have respect for that. They don't though. The public part of them, sure that's for the public, private life... that's no one's business. People make it their business and use that as an excuse because they can't resist the temptation. I'm not even famous and have neighbors that have to know everything that I do. It's annoying.

ebishy by ebishy | NEW YORK, NY
Dec 14, 2009

when you want to be famous and have the world know you this is what happens. you can't be famous and have a private life at the same time!! if u want ppl to know you, they know everything about you, get out of the public eye if you want a private life.

DigitalDiva by DigitalDiva | JACKSONVILLE, FL
Dec 13, 2009

My son and I agreed that we are both tired of hearing about it; if it doesn't concern us, why bother? It's blown out of proportion because of his celebrity status, and, even though it's wrong, non-celebrities cheat on their spouses/partners every day, but does the media focus on them? Nope!