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The End Of The Road For Oprah?

on Dec 17, 2009: She will be missed. She has done so much good in her lifetime. Times change people change, things change. she will be replaced and people will get use to her in her new role whatever she decides to do I am sure she still has much more good she wants to do maybe in another way. God Bless her fo…

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Tiger Woods Says Goodbye To Privacy

on Dec 17, 2009: He's alllready hung himself but what about his wife and kids thay don't deserve it. It is a private matter between them, none of our business. His wife has already suffered enough maybe she knew maybe she didn't but when it is put in her face every day she can't get it out of her mind even for …

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One 'Tough Woman' Put An End To The Massacre At Fort Hood

on Nov 10, 2009: God bless Sgt. Kimberly Munley she is a true hero and God bless all the service men and women who are serving to keep our country safe. Coming from NYC and knowing people who were in the world trade center on 911 realize how ones life can change in just a second.