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Tiger Woods Says Goodbye To Privacy

on Dec 23, 2009: I say leave him alone for the sake of his wife and his kids. If the media would stop building people up like they do maybe it wouldn't be such a let down when they fail - as it seems a lot of them inevitabley do.

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The End Of The Road For Oprah?

on Dec 23, 2009: I don't think anyone needs to replace her. She does a lot of good things for a lot of people, but there are a lot of other people out there doing the same (most with a lot less money and resources). I've never been a follower of her show.

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Kids Scale Back For Santa This Year

on Dec 23, 2009: While I think it's great that this generation seems to be more modest, it saddens me that they are so aware of the economic situation. I know it is hard to shield them from the troubles and stressors we face during this trying time, but it can be done. My husband lost his job in January, two wee…