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Online Shopping Made Safer

on Dec 15, 2009: Another great tip that most people are not aware of, if a website starts with http: it is not a secure sight, but if it starts with https .. the "S" stands for secure. You will also see the little padlock at the bottom of the page as already mentioned.
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Tiger Woods Says Goodbye To Privacy

on Dec 15, 2009: The problem & reality is... this happens to people EVERYDAY.. yet if they are famous it is a big deal. They are people like you and me. If something happens in your private life, should be put it in the newspaper?
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The Middle-Class Thief

on Dec 03, 2009: It is a crime no matter what.. if you steal because your family is starving for food that might be a different matter, but stealing things that are NOT necessary? Like EXPENSIVE cheese.. not cheese. but phones and cosmetics? I mean come on.. unless you are one of those woman that…
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