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Yoplait Yogurt Light Fat Free Raspberry Che…

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Jul 27, 2012 : Very tasty yogurt! I love many flavor of this yogurt. Very affordable!

Kotex U by Kotex Tampons

Kotex U by … Rating

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Jul 11, 2012 : They are fun colored. The sizes are a bit too small for me. There regular size tampon is the size …

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Plus-Sized Gym Turns Away Members if They're Too Skinny

on Jul 27, 2012: LOL. I love the idea! They should have this gym all across America!
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What To Do When Different Sleeping Styles Get in the Way of a Good Relationship

on Jul 27, 2012: It so annoying when you go to sleep early and your partner like to stay up and watc a mvies. whil your trying to get sleep. This defiently is not good for the relatioship. Unless one person is willing to change there sleeping pattern to fit the their partner.
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Should Schools Take Milk Off the Menu?

on Jul 27, 2012: Regular cows milk is not good it has many hormones and is not good for our children. I the schools want to serve milk. They should serve organic milk with no hormones. Hormones are no good, eating organic cost a little more but its better.
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