TV Viewers Rejoice, Loud Commercials No More!

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Dec 25, 2012

If you’re among the many who reach for the volume control every time a TV show goes to commercial then today is a day to celebrate. Maybe you’ve noticed or maybe you thought you were just going crazy, but TV commercials are often irritatingly louder than the program you are watching. You can now check this every day nuisance off your list because the FCC has stepped in to put an end to loud commercials.

CNN reports about the FCC’s new ban on excessively loud television commercials which states the ads must maintain the “same average volume” as the show they are airing with. The FCC admits the new regulations passed by congress known as the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) is in direct response to the thousands of complaints they’ve received from television viewers over the years. Loud commercials have been a leading source of complaints at the FCC since 2002.

In the past, the FCC has just advised viewers with complaints to mute their TV’s or reduce the volume during commercials, but they are hopeful that CALM will solve the problem now. The FCC does not plan on actively monitoring broadcasters, but will instead enforce the new regulations based on consumer complaints.

What do you think of the new FCC regulations banning broadcasters from airing loud commercials?

Is this something that has annoyed you in the past?

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amanda7536 by amanda7536 | RUTLAND, VT
Jan 12, 2013

I agree with this. I am sick of my having to turn my tv down and then back up again because of this. I hope the pass this law.

msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Jan 07, 2013

It's about time. It took waaay too long to pass this legislation. My remote battery should last much longer now that I don't have to constantly use the "mute"!

RheaWhite by RheaWhite | PORT HUENEME, CA
Jan 06, 2013

Thank The Lord! I remember waking up earlier than my alarm every morning because my parents would watch the news at an already loud volume to make up for their list hearing and a commercial would come on and echo loudly throughout the house. Even the dogs would bark!

MamaTutu by MamaTutu | Waterbury, CT
Jan 03, 2013

Thank goodness! So yes, the commercials were louder, but were they also playing the shows lower on purpose?

cocoabella by cocoabella | EL PASO, TX
Dec 26, 2012

So tired of having to grab the tv remote every time a commercial comes on, to mute the tv. You'd think the companies would have caught onto the fact that most people mute the volume on their tv's b/c of the obnoxious loud volume by now and the companies would have turned down the volume themselves. Doesn't do any good to air commercials that consumers automatically mute. I am glad the FCC finally passed this law, but it would be nice if the FCC planned to monitor for compliance.

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Dec 26, 2012

Yea! I won't have to hear my family members complain about this any more.