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Texas Mom Ordered To Stop Breastfeeding at the Mall

on Jan 07, 2013: Hollister should apologize to the mother for humiliating her in public.Breast feeding is a beautiful and natural act which should not be punished and should not be frowned upon. In a perfect world I would be able to breast feed in public without getting disgusted looks from passers by. But, this i…

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Fashion Week Welcomes Bullied Beauty, Acne Spots and All

on Jan 06, 2013: It is so great to hear of kids overcoming bullying and finding a light at the end of the tunnel. Nowadays every kid needs a role model like Cassandra.

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TV Viewers Rejoice, Loud Commercials No More!

on Jan 06, 2013: Thank The Lord! I remember waking up earlier than my alarm every morning because my parents would watch the news at an already loud volume to make up for their list hearing and a commercial would come on and echo loudly throughout the house. Even the dogs would bark!