Starbucks is Trying Out a Reusable Cup Program. Would You Ditch the Paper Cup?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jun 14, 2019

Just as we are beginning to see more restaurants tossing plastic straws for a more environmentally friendly option, Starbucks is going even greener and testing out a reusable cup program at London’s Gatwick Airport. The coffee chain will be testing the reusable cup program for a month in an effort to reduce their use of paper cups and better understand how reusable cups may be used in the future.

CNBC reports about the month-long resuable cup trial Starbucks currently has underway at the London airport and what it may mean for the future of their stores globally. In just one months time, Starbucks is hoping that their reusable cup program can eliminate the need for 7,000 paper cups at their airport locations.

During the trial, customers will be given the choice of having their beverage served in a paper cup for about 6 cents extra or a resuable cup that they can drop off at 5 different locations around the airport before boarding their flight. The airport will have around 2,000 reusable cups in use around the airport and is hoping to see a significant reduction in the use of paper cups during the trial period.

Starbucks U.K. senior manager of energy and sustainability Jaz Rabadia explains the goals of the program. Rabadia says, “Our goal is to save 7,000 disposable cups over the course of the month to find out the best ways to drive reuse where it is typically harder to do so – such as airports.” He adds, “What we learn here will provide valuable insight into how to deploy a reusable trial in not only other airports but many other environments. The ambition behind the trial is to help create a new culture of reuse on-the-go and explore how customers respond to dropping their cups back off to be washed and used again.”

What do you think of Starbucks’ reusable cup program?

Do you think more airport locations should consider adopting this type of program?

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Kaylaabl95 by Kaylaabl95 | NEWPORT NEWS, VA
Jul 30, 2019

This would be amazing to see them do everywhere! I love Starbucks and i always get a reusable if i forgot one of mine. I think more places should try this environmentally friendly program

lslusher by lslusher | Glendale, AZ
Jun 19, 2019

I use the recyclable cups from Starbucks and love them! As long as the cups are sanitized correctly, the cups will be a big hit anywhere.

Babsalot by Babsalot | OAK RIDGE, TN
Jun 18, 2019

I use my 32 ounce disposable Styrofoam cup from weigels religiously and I carry it around until it's about to give out and I get another one. I have to have my ice water in Styrofoam because it's just way it has to be. I would not switch to disposable unless I had a Styrofoam cup just like I use. I use it multiple uses so I don't fee like as much of a consumer but I won't ditch it for disposable

Hskaiser by Hskaiser | CHATSWORTH, GA
Jun 15, 2019

I already have 4 reusable cups I take with me everyday I go to Starbucks