SheSpeaks Welcomes Tyra Banks viewers

SS Member Image By drodriguez 06.16.09
SheSpeaks Welcomes Tyra Banks viewers
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Welcome to the Tyra Banks Show viewers!  SheSpeaks was recently mentioned in Tyra’s show about Confessions of a Recessionista!  Tyra is the self-proclaimed “Queen of Cheap,” and she shared some of her thrifty ways. Together with a team of experts, Tyra showed us how to try products before you buy, earn some extra cash and travel the country for just pennies! Plus, we met more thrifters from around the country who let us in on their secrets of earning extra money and living the luxe life for less.

Did you miss it?  Click here to read some of the show highlights.

For those new members from the Tyra Show we hope you enjoy the community discussions. We look forward to hearing your opinions and feedback. 

Did you find the Tyra show helpful?

Do you have your own recession tips to share with SheSpeaks members?




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  • missdaisymae By missdaisymae

    I recently found out about shespeaks from a rerun of the Tyra Show! I am so glad I found this website--so much fun! I can't wait to try out some products for you guys and let y'all know about them. I love Tyra's show and try to catch it everyday that I can. I thought this specific episode was very informative and really opened my eyes to the world of being frugal and saving money, however I must agree with previous posters that saving money definitely requires a great amount of effort! :)

  • MomOf2babies By MomOf2babies

    I heard of this website from the Tyra Show. I am excited to get more familiar with the site and learn about new products. I am a working mother with 2 kids and both my husband and I work full-time. We love new products but we hesitate to buy them until we get feedback from others. I am looking forward to trying out new products as well as hearing about others opinions. :-)

  • HJFinnie By HJFinnie

    I thought it was helpful, but not as easy as the show lead some of its tips to be. Saving money takes effort.

  • alexisbrooke By alexisbrooke

    YES! it totally help women realize and figure out their own ways to save money, its great, it help us THINK FOR OURSELVES.. with a little help! ;)

  • AimeeAken By AimeeAken

    I found this site from the Tyra show as well. I love her show and watch it daily.

  • Alyssarae92293 By Alyssarae92293


  • momagarry By momagarry

    I love her show!

  • vickie1962 By vickie1962

    I learned about shespeaks from the tyra banks show and it got me interested in speaking with other women about different topic and plus products you can test at home.I love this site and all it offer.

  • Nayazha By Nayazha

    My first time ever hearing of shespeaks was on the Tyra show .... and I'm really glad I joined.

  • monicalaughs By monicalaughs

    I love the tyra show! but i heard of shespeaks from an e.l.f. video on youtube :D

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