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SheSpeaks Welcomes Tyra Banks viewers

SheSpeaks Welcomes Tyra Banks viewers

Welcome to the Tyra Banks Show viewers!  SheSpeaks was recently mentioned in Tyra’s show about Confessions of a Recessionista!  Tyra is the self-proclaimed “Queen of Cheap,” and she shared some of her thrifty ways. Together with a team of experts, Tyra showed us how to try products before you buy, earn some extra cash and travel the country for just pennies! Plus, we met more thrifters from around the country who let us in on their secrets of earning extra money and living the luxe life for less.

Did you miss it?  Click here to read some of the show highlights.

For those new members from the Tyra Show we hope you enjoy the community discussions. We look forward to hearing your opinions and feedback. 

Did you find the Tyra show helpful?

Do you have your own recession tips to share with SheSpeaks members?




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  • bigjules911 By bigjules911

    I learned of this website through the Tyra Show. As a new mother whose husband just recently got a job after being layed off for 3 months I found the show to be helpful. I got a lot of information on free sample sites and ways to get coupons. I'm glad I found this website because I love trying new things and I have never hesitated to tell my friends about a product if I found it to be great or really awful.

  • traviesa_2k5 By traviesa_2k5

    i have also learned about this website through the tyra show i found it be very helpful especially right now that i dont work.

  • Rjoy03 By Rjoy03

    Tyra's show was so helpful! I am very excited to get started here at shespeaks!

  • moestar222 By moestar222

    I heard about this website while watching the TYRA Show. I'm so excited and can't wait to try out new products! Love this site. Thanks <3 :)

  • suoliu By suoliu

    Bookshelves are also a great place to start to reduce some clutter! If there are books that you are not reading anymore, post them on Chances are there's someone looking for your book!

  • snickerdoodle By snickerdoodle

    I learned about this show from watching the Tyra show. There were so many websites to check out! This is the first one I went to

  • Joe1331 By Joe1331

    I also learned from this website from the Tyra Show. I can't wait to get my first product.

  • chellita3 By chellita3

    I also learned about this website from watching Tyra show..I cant wait to try new products!

  • gabyshespeaks By gabyshespeaks

    I am a Tyra viewer! I have TiVo so I am a late joiner at I love getting samples and trying all of them!

  • mayisuggestanotherone By mayisuggestanotherone

    I heart tyra.

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