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Can Co-Sleeping Be Safe For Baby?

on Sep 03, 2009: Of course not!! I accidentally fell asleep with my daughter once and she rolled off of my bed at 2 months old!! It scared the crap out of me when she started screaming! Luckily i was still moving in and it was just a box spring and matress on the floor but still!! Also , my mom didnt co-sleep with…

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We Secretly Want More Than The Salad

on Sep 02, 2009: im really self concious right now.. >.<

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SheSpeaks Welcomes Tyra Banks viewers

on Sep 01, 2009: I love the tyra show and i learned about the website through it too! I was taking down all the pointers as they were coming. I already signed up for some walmart samples! And ugh! that lady who won 8 flatscreens! Im always applying for sweepstakes and i NEVER win.. gosh. She must be lucky.. or ext…