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SheSpeaks Welcomes Tyra Banks viewers

on Jul 14, 2010: I recently found out about shespeaks from a rerun of the Tyra Show! I am so glad I found this website--so much fun! I can't wait to try out some products for you guys and let y'all know about them. I love Tyra's show and try to catch it everyday that I can. I thought this specific episode was very…

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Preaching To The Pooch

on Jul 14, 2010: I love my doggie and we talk everyday! Of course she is a great listener, and she always offers her unconditional love. That's what is so great about dogs and other pets; they always love and understand you no matter what, and you can always count on them for support and comfort even in the worst …

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Can You Be Makeup Free?

on Jul 14, 2010: Well, I LOVE my makeup and I feel like if I'm not wearing it, I am less confident in myself. I wear it for me; to feel great in my own skin. I love the idea of makeup free mondays, however, as a great way for women to feel empowered and to showcase their natural beauty, and also to give their skin…