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Preaching To The Pooch

SS Member Image By drodriguez 05.02.10
Preaching To The Pooch
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It may sound like a joke, but 1 in 3 women were not kidding when they said their pets listen to them better than their husbands.  A recent poll released by the Associated Press - shows that many women have taken to airing their grievances to the family cat or dog as an alternative to talking to their spouse because they feel the pets are better at listening.

A recent article from USA Today discusses the findings of the poll and points out that 18 percent of men also felt their pets were better listeners than their wives.  Pet owner Christina Holmdahl rationalizes why she chooses to talk out her problems with her pets rather than her husband.  Holmdahl says, "We all say stuff we don’t mean when we are upset about stuff.  When we have time to talk it out and rationalize it, we can think about it better and we can calm down and see both sides better."

It seems some women are using their cuddly companions as a way to vent much like one would talk with a therapist.  When it comes to which animals are the best listeners, dogs have it.  The poll found that 25 percent of dog owners said their pooch was a better listener than their spouse while only 14 percent of cat owners made this claim. 

Pet psychologist and veterinarian, Karen Sueda, talks about why communicating with a pet can serve as a kind of therapy for people.  Sueda says, "Pets are great because they provide us with unconditional support.  They never talk back, never give us the wrong opinion and they are always there for us.  As much as we love our spouses or significant other, sometimes they are not there...  And sometimes, especially when its a husband or male significant other, they want to solve the problem rather than just listening to the problem."

What do you think of the poll that found 1 in 3 women think their pet is a better listener than their husband?

Do you ever air your grievances to the family pet rather than your significant other?

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  • MadHatter By MadHatter

    no i don't. i have 2 dogs and one turtle and i don't rant to them or spill my heart out to them. i don't want them to be confused. they might take my ranting as if i was upset with them and yelling at them when i am not. my 2 dogs always cheer me up and gives me unconditional love :)

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    I don't air my grievances to my pet, but I do believe that when I say something to our dog, he listens better than my husband (AND minds! : )

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    I pray together with my pets. But I don't try to dwell on problems, just look for the good. Hard to be mad when you're hugging on your furry family member. And they seem to know best when I'm sick, or under the weather, they stick by my side and follow me around until I'm better. I know they are in tune more so then most humans, if my schedule varies too much for too long, theirs is off too. I think it's a we care for them, they care for us situation.

  • mollywolly By mollywolly

    Yes animals listen much better than pretty much all the men I have met, but I dont yell what I ramble on about to them. They cheer me up and comfort me.

  • cybrown551 By cybrown551

    That is so true. Yes my pet is definitely a good listener. I have a beagle and he is just as cute as can be. He's here with me all day while my husband is at work and children are at school.


    The good thing about pets is that if you tell them a secret, you know it's going to stay a secret.

  • Gwenlane74 By Gwenlane74

    I have 2 dogs and 3 cats, by far my dogs are way more consoling that the cats. Its just nature. I actually have anxiety issues and instead of taking meds for it I have found that petting my dog has helped more than anything.

  • izzypup By izzypup

    I have three dogs and yes I do agree that they are good listeners. I find it calming to take them outside to play.

  • Orchid25 By Orchid25

    I let my husband know when Im upset but he doesn't always pick up on it no matter how obvious it is. My cat on the other hand picks it up quickly, when you cry she comes up to you and starts rubbing on you. My cat will even come up to your face and lick you, she calms me down faster than anyone/anything I know. Who could be upset when you've got a cute little cat licking your face? lol

  • Allysonf By Allysonf

    I find just talking aloud to my pets helps a lot!

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