Russian Day Dedicated to Doing "It?

   By drodriguez  Oct 01, 2007

One region in Russia has a very interesting way of dealing with its population decline. For the last three years, people living in Ulyanovsk have been encouraged to stay home on September 12th with the sole intention of conceiving a child with their mate.

Governor Sergei Morozov has named this day in September “Family Contact” day. Morozov offers even more incentive than just a day off from work. If a couple gives birth to a baby exactly nine months (June 12th) after “Family Contact” day they are awarded prizes ranging from TV sets to brand new SUV’s.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has seen a sharp decline in population. The decline has been blamed on emigration and a failing health care system. “Family Contact” day appears to be working for Ulyanovsk as they have seen a 4.5% increase in births in the last year.

This may sound like a unique and fun way of dealing with the population problem, but some locals from this region are not necessarily “in the mood”.

The Russian national newspaper Novye Izvestiya quoted a local human rights activist Alexander Bragin as saying “We’ve already sunk to the level where the governor is ordering us on what day to conceive a child and on what day to give birth.”

What do you think of Ulyanovsk’s solution to their population decline?

Do you think “Family Contact” day can solve this region’s problems?

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Pokupatel by Pokupatel | Reno, NV
Jan 18, 2008

Those silly Russians! ( username is actually the Russian word for shopper) Well, you can't please everyone, especially in Russia. Yes, they have a population problem. Yes, they also have high rates in AIDs, alcoholism, organized crime, etc. Just maybe having a lower population isn't such a bad thing. I think it's better than being overpopulated.

tammy by tammy | Tallahassee, FL
Nov 04, 2007


dephco by dephco | Greenlawn, NY
Oct 18, 2007

I think the idea of having a "Family Contact Day" is a creative way to solve the declining population and I think it will works. It's good for a newlywed couple because besides having a baby they might get a brand new SUV as well which would be useful for their growing family.

htownwife by htownwife | cypress, TX
Oct 10, 2007

I would try to have conceive that day, if i was already ttc. People aren't going to try for a baby just so they can win a TV. You can't even watch Tv when you have a new baby! lol