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Stop the Mad "Makeover"

on Oct 08, 2008: Thanks for a great article. I used to buy stuffs I don't need but now I have learned to buy only what I need and avoid beauty consultants whenever possible. Now I feel like I know what to do when they approach me.

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It's Been a Long Time Coming

on Oct 18, 2007: I agree with wendys' comment, it's not fair for men to get equal pay as women when they are doing less work. Besides I think more people are watching mens tennis than womens tennis.

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Russian Day Dedicated to Doing ?It?

on Oct 18, 2007: I think the idea of having a "Family Contact Day" is a creative way to solve the declining population and I think it will works. It's good for a newlywed couple because besides having a baby they might get a brand new SUV as well which would be useful for their growing family.