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Yet Another Reason To Quit

on Jan 18, 2008: I recently quit smoking (about 3 months ago). It's been remarkably easy (sorry, but it has). I smoked for about 10 years (I'm only 27 years old now) and I recently had my tonsils taken out. Since I couldn't smoke after the surgery, I decided to not smoke anymore. I had been wanting to quit for a …

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Russian Day Dedicated to Doing ?It?

on Jan 18, 2008: Those silly Russians! ( username is actually the Russian word for shopper) Well, you can't please everyone, especially in Russia. Yes, they have a population problem. Yes, they also have high rates in AIDs, alcoholism, organized crime, etc. Just maybe having a lower population isn't such…

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Greening Up For The Holidays

on Jan 18, 2008: Looks like a great gift idea for eco-friendly friends. They should make a gift tailored to new parents or new homeowners.