New Breast Test

   By drodriguez  Oct 11, 2007

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and 2007 marked a very hopeful year for new and improved breast cancer screening and treatment. Dr. Susan Love, one of the most important pioneers in breast cancer research, once said, “We need to go beyond a cure. We need to stop people from ever getting breast cancer in the first place.”

Dr. Susan Love has been involved in matters of the breast for a long time. She is perhaps best known for co-writing “Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book” which is often referred to as the breast bible.

Dr. Susan Love was recently interviewed on NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Williams. She discussed new treatments available and talked about an interesting new test now being offered for early detection of breast cancer.

The test, called ductal lavage, is a fairly simple procedure where a small amount of fluid is extracted via catheter from a woman’s nipple. This may sound uncomfortable, but most women have described the procedure as quick and painless.

Right now, ductal lavage is only being used on women at high risk of developing breast cancer. High risk has been defined as women with a family history, genetics, and poor diet and exercise. The test is able to find the earliest signs of breast cancer long before anything would show up on a mammogram. It is often described as a pap test for the breast.

What do you think of the new breast cancer screening test called ductal lavage?

Do you think more accurate and earlier testing for breast cancer is just as important as finding a cure?

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survive50 by survive50 | Taylor, TX
Sep 18, 2008

As a recent breast cancer survivor I am all for any and all tests that might save someone from either the cancer speading or from some of the actual treatment. The treatment for cancer is so so very hard.

lynda62 by lynda62 | TWO RIVERS, WI
Dec 18, 2007

Its a must to have this test. Testing and screening is the key.

MBenita by MBenita | PHILADELPHIA, PA
Oct 30, 2007

I work for a major health insurer. One thing I can tell you is a test will be approved, if your doctor fights for it! Too many times we trust what the doctor says without pushing back hard! Sure, you have some who will say something is unnecessary. I say, find another doctor Q-U-I-C-K! Your health is way more important than what a doctor thinks. There are even doctors in Philly who only diagnosis breast conditions. I think sometimes we (ie: women) don't investigate enough.

And every year, get routine blood tests. Along with a mammography, ask for an ultrasound. From experience, my mammo missed a golf ball size cyst. Thank God it wasn't malignant.

Nothing is 100% accurate, so cover yourself every which way. Print out articles and take them with you to the doctor.

Also, from personal experience, I've found that the "old school" doctors are way better than the newer ones (less than 20 yrs in practice). It may sound silly, but the "dinosaurs" are way better than the newly taught doctors (just my opinion).

Whatever your means of approachign your doctor, only you knwo when something's not right. Don't wait even one day to ask for a 2nd opinion or change doctors.

Normamay by Normamay | Miramar, FL
Oct 26, 2007

Wow, I had no idea this kind of test existed. I think in a perfect world, everyone should be able to get this test and be offered it at yearly Gyn visits. But sadly, we live in a world where it's all about cutting costs.

dpackup by dpackup | Antigo, WI
Oct 24, 2007

Absolutely!! Anything we can do to prevent is worth it for the cause!

sharman421 by sharman421 | TALLAHASSEE, FL
Oct 13, 2007

Insurance companies will be the ONLY predicter on whether or not this test becomes as normal and routine as the Pap screenings. Women really need to start getting involved with lobbying for issues like this. That includes the blood test (CA125?) that detects early cancers. Remember Gilda Radner? Had she had the blood test, she might still be here today!

sillycat by sillycat | MELBOURNE, FL
Oct 12, 2007

yes.. most definately. i think every woman young or old needsto be tested. the earlier the better for the patient. i hope this becomes available for all women to be included on the health insurance.

4_mom by 4_mom | clintwood, VA
Oct 12, 2007

Yes... I think young women should be tested just as much as older women. I have a friend who just turned 24, she just found out that she has BREAST CANCER... She had tried to tell her DR that something wasn't right. But the DR keep telling my friend that she was to young & with her family history, there was no possible chance. After about 6 months, my friend switched DR's & got a 2nd opinion. She was right!!! But, It was to late. The cancer was fast spreading & they couldn't save her breast. She is in recovery, but if the DR had tested her when she had this (something isn't right feeling), her breast may have been saved. I'm just thankful that I still have my friend. The CANCER could have taken her life. Thank GOD for the DR's that do listen.