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Mini-Skirts Banned From The Office

SS Member Image By drodriguez 07.31.10
Mini-Skirts Banned From The Office
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Many women working in Britain are angry about a new rule being instated by bosses from the Southampton City Council.  A memo was recently sent to hundreds of people working in Southern England advising them of a new strictly enforced dress code.  The Daily News reports about the memo that also states if women continue wearing mini skirts to work they will be sent home.

The dress code that is now being implemented among workers is specifically detailed within the memo that was sent to 400 staff in children service departments like social work and educational welfare officers.  Men are being asked to wear collared shirts with chinos or khakis along with a belt and dress shoes.  Women are advised to wear pants, informal dresses and skirts of a “reasonable” length.  If a worker is dressed inappropriately they will be sent home from work.

Both workers and union leaders are threatening to fight against the ban on mini-skirts and other attire.  Unison branch secretary, Mike Tucker, explains to the Daily Mail how he feels about the memo.  Tucker says, “I would have thought the council has got better things to do than impose a regimented approach to what people wear.  If anyone is disciplined we are more than happy to defend them."

The dress code debate going on in England spurs the question over how much control bosses should have over their employees wardrobe choices and just how something like this should be enforced.  

What do you think of the ban of mini-skirts in Britain?

Do you think workers should be sent home if their skirts are deemed too short?

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  • jdd2005msugrad By jdd2005msugrad

    Cannot really blame any one for pulling the plug on this. Mini-skirts are indeed too short. They are not very professional. The only thing that they are good for is unwanted attention from others whether it is sexual or intended to hurt one's feelings. The work force anywhere should be professional, work in a strip bar. I do think if one is not in proper dress attire for work, then he/she should be sent home to either change or take a decision day.

  • lorisann By lorisann

    Unfortunately, there are a group of people who do not know the appropriate dress for their particular workplace. I have seen office people who are in the public eye come to work wrinkled from head to toe or in clothes that need to be laundered, extremely tight short skirts, flip flops, tube tops, shirts with key holes at inappropriate places, and extremely low cut pants. There is an image a business would like to project and the image these workers are sending is not professional. Unfortunately as well, sometimes management doesn't want to say something because it will hurt the employee's feelings even though it is in the employee manual. Just as you would be sent home for something else in the employee manual, you should be sent home to change or rethink what's appropriate to wear to work.

  • CLCN1223 By CLCN1223

    I cannot disagree with it at all. We all need to work in environments that are professional on all levels. Attracting attention can also cause problems and friction among coworkers that is unneccessarily detrimental to the the efficency of work production.

  • MissyFree By MissyFree

    I believe that people in the professions mentioned should dress more conservatively. If you are representing a child or a family you want to put your best foot forward and if someone is focusing on your mini skirt how can the family be the main issue?

  • Aspiringauthor09 By Aspiringauthor09

    I think that, though people should be somewhat reasonable about what they wear to work, this ban is going a little overboard. They should make sure that no one is dressed too inappropriatly, but still give their employees a little freedom and creativity when it comes to their clothes. We all express ourselves through our clothing, so to put such tight restrictions on people's clothes is a little unfair.

  • ccluv121 By ccluv121

    I agree with this ban completely. It is bad enough to have to see women on the street making an "object" out of themselves, but the point is that a job is just that..... A Job. When an individual is not dressed appropriately it causes unneccessary attention that distracts from the task at hand. Also, rumors are started and all sorts of nasty things come of it. I do not believe I have ever seen something like this have positive benefits.

  • Lynn043 By Lynn043

    I think there is a time and place to wear certain clothes, and as adults we should know that by now. For example you wear a bathing suit at the beach or pool. (Not to Work) So there for you should know not to wear a short mini shirt to work.. Work place should be professional and on friday's some company let you dress down which I enjoy considing I had to dress everyday for work..

  • vintagepurple By vintagepurple

    humm i don't think women should wear skirts that are to short or to sexy for the work play, i mean it is a place of bissness, people are there to wore and ever one should be dresses for work. but seem like sometimes womens bodys ( vary atrative or vary unattrative ones inparticalarly) are sometimes seen as public propordy and its every ones right to pass judgment on it and its not,

  • MadHatter By MadHatter

    sometimes they abuse the policy and wear skirts way too short for their own good. i agree that it must be at a REASONABLE length is all. you are at a work place, what happens if a woman drops something and goes to pick it up, yeah, that mini skirt will ride right up...this should have been addressed a long time ago...

  • berthafh4 By berthafh4

    who wears mini skirts to work? women should wear decent clothes to work. they can sure wear skirts as long as they are not provacative. short skirts provoke lots of controversy!

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