Mini-Skirts Banned From The Office

   By drodriguez  Jul 31, 2010

Many women working in Britain are angry about a new rule being instated by bosses from the Southampton City Council.  A memo was recently sent to hundreds of people working in Southern England advising them of a new strictly enforced dress code.  The Daily News reports about the memo that also states if women continue wearing mini skirts to work they will be sent home.

The dress code that is now being implemented among workers is specifically detailed within the memo that was sent to 400 staff in children service departments like social work and educational welfare officers.  Men are being asked to wear collared shirts with chinos or khakis along with a belt and dress shoes.  Women are advised to wear pants, informal dresses and skirts of a “reasonable” length.  If a worker is dressed inappropriately they will be sent home from work.

Both workers and union leaders are threatening to fight against the ban on mini-skirts and other attire.  Unison branch secretary, Mike Tucker, explains to the Daily Mail how he feels about the memo.  Tucker says, “I would have thought the council has got better things to do than impose a regimented approach to what people wear.  If anyone is disciplined we are more than happy to defend them."

The dress code debate going on in England spurs the question over how much control bosses should have over their employees wardrobe choices and just how something like this should be enforced.  

What do you think of the ban of mini-skirts in Britain?

Do you think workers should be sent home if their skirts are deemed too short?

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mommasuesue by mommasuesue | Cedar Rapids, IA
Nov 15, 2010

I completely agree with the dress code ! Be professionals not hobo's !!!

redshoesnob42 by redshoesnob42 | Portland, OR
Aug 25, 2010

I totally agree with the dress code. There is a time and place for everything. Mini skirts, flip flops, printed t-shirts, Hawaiian shirts....We call that WEEKEND wear. And plesae, just because it is casual Friday is no reason to come into work with flip flops and sweat suits...makes my flesh crawl. I wish my company would inforce its dress code.

kingcruz2006 by kingcruz2006 | houston, TX
Aug 19, 2010

I so agree with dressing appropriate at work. It's unprofessional and so not classy. Mini skirts should be left for going out to have fun ( club, bar ect.) I actually prefer not to wear them, It leaves little to the imagination.

texasgirl87 by texasgirl87 | Bryan, TX
Aug 16, 2010

If you are working in a professional place then dress accordingly. I mean you wouldnt see strippers wearing suits so dont be wearing mini skirts to an office type job. The focus these women should have is representing their workplace and what they do not on their thighs. In my opinion the way you present yourself is the first thing people notice. These women need to take pride in themselves and not worry about " climbing the ladder by getting the boss to stare at your junk in the trunk". Be a lady and do your damn job and dress appropriately...

hopeEternal by hopeEternal | Adkins, TX
Aug 12, 2010

I for one completely agree with this move. Considering where this action was implemented. Your representing an agency that deals with the safety of children, everyones focus should be on the children NOT on the workers thighs nor what else may be showing if she chooses to bend over. Professional is professional and a business office is simply not the place to be wearing such attire.

RomanceWriter4u by RomanceWriter4u | Salina, KS
Aug 11, 2010

It's about time. As a former foster care parent, what we say about ourselves visually generates a lot of interest in the children we are guiding. In particular, one woman insanely wore inappropriate business attire and the children knew not to trust her judgement on all levels. Seems that the kids had it pegged correctly from the get-go. Bully to those who finally deicided that business is business.

MyEmptyCanvas by MyEmptyCanvas | KOSCIUSKO, MS
Aug 11, 2010

Since when has a mini-skirt ever been professional attire for an office or work-place of any sort? I agree, that needs to be banned. Anyone that feels otherwise about showing their legs, etc. in a work environment, especially something related to or around children, needs to be fired and sent to go work at Hooters or the strip joint down the street. LOL

shonnalahnac by shonnalahnac | newport news, VA
Aug 09, 2010

I think anyone who disagrees with this policy should be fired because they are obviously to stupid to work in a thinking environment! Even children in the schools have to follow a basic dress code. If a 8 year old can figure it out then surely a 28 year old should be able too! If they want to dress like a hoochie...they should go and work at hooters...they'll fit right in! Otherwise grow up and at least pretend to be a responsible, sensible adult at work! You can always go back to the skin show after office hours!

2carrie2 by 2carrie2 | GRAND RAPIDS, MI
Aug 07, 2010

When you are in a professional job how you dress is just as important as you act professionally. How are coworkers going to respect you if you are dressed inappropriate for the job. I know that when I dress up not only do I feel good but it also shows that I am proud to work for my employer and I give my all.

cmtreece by cmtreece | Steens, MS
Aug 06, 2010

You should dress professional and not like your going to stand on a street corner.

tippya08 by tippya08 | gaston, NC
Aug 06, 2010

I think dress codes in the workplace is a wonderful idea and it may encourage employees to become more productive.

momagarry by momagarry | MILWAUKEE, WI
Aug 05, 2010

I think they should be banned in the workplace.

sharman421 by sharman421 | TALLAHASSEE, FL
Aug 05, 2010

Unfortunately, some people do not use common sense. Some women wear extraordinarily short , beyond mini, skirts to jobs where conservative or even casual dress is expected. I've seen teachers dress inappropriately and, yes, one can see Cincinnati when then bend or sit. Should men wear kilts to work? How about those really baggy Bermuda shorts in which one leg-spread delivers a peep show? C'mon, we've all seen it. And then what if it comes to middle aged men in speedos? Is that ok? Unfortunately, because SOME lack common sense, there needs to be a dress code in some workplaces.

tjaksv by tjaksv | WYOMING, MI
Aug 05, 2010

I agree that mini skirts don't belong in a professional workplace.. especially a public office where there are children involved.

krpierce84 by krpierce84 | Ellsworth, ME
Aug 04, 2010

I am active duty military and I totally understand a ban on certain attire. Certain attire is distracting to not only the males but females also. I don't want to spend my day fighting with guys to pay attention. Lack of attention can cause a serious mishap.