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Enter Our Giveaway by Sharing How You Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

on May 09, 2013: I drive a car that gets 45-50MPG (VW Diesel), we recycle our soda cans, glass, metal, paper, cloth & COMPOST our food scraps for our garden soil (we also have a non garden composter for our pet waste).... I am a re-purposer & I DAILY take something that was old/useless, and turn it into something …

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Another Reason To Show Some Sister Love

on Aug 08, 2010: I have an older sister and 5 younger ones ... as an adult I love having sisters and knowing we are there for each other no matter what... it sometimes makes me sad to think that my daughter will not be having a sister to grow up with.. because all us sisters are so close our kids are basically sib…

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Backyard Ideas: Make Your Own Carnival Games

on Aug 05, 2010: For Water Park fun I fill water balloons for my kids (8&5)... they will do a water balloon toss trying not to break the balloon or just throw it on the ground in front of their sibling trying to get them wet... my husband and I love joining in on the fun.