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Would You Leave Your Kids At The Park Alone?

on Aug 12, 2010: This one really hit a nerve with me, here some of us are working our butts off daily to make sure all our kids are safe and here we have this idiotic woman suggesting we place them in dangers path. Yes kidnappings are rare but is that something we are willing to risk saying to our child if somethi…

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More Men Claim Sexual Harassment

on Aug 12, 2010: I work with an agency that helps teach young people still in high school respect boundaries. It was a shock when we began to see more and more females having to take part of our agency. We not only have this kids appointed by court to help with counseling but also to make sure they complete their …

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Miley Cyrus Goes From Disney To Sex Symbol

on Aug 12, 2010: I am all for making a fashion statement and dressing as you please to make yourself feel better not only as a person but a human being, but I tend to agree with chickadeecj on this as well. Sleazy is something I would call anyone that is not an adult and chooses to flaunt her body in the manner C…