Macy's Pulls "Fat Shaming" Dinner Plates After Backlash From Critics on Social Media

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jul 30, 2019

Pourtions via Macy's

It’s hard to imagine that dinnerware could become a topic of controversy, but a set of plates from Macy’s has been getting a lot of attention from critics who say they are sending out a “toxic message”. The plates feature labeled circular portion sizes with messages aimed at women, with the largest portion labeled “Mom Jeans”, the second to largest is called “Favorite Jeans” and then the smallest circle in the dish reads “Skinny Jeans”.

HuffPost reports about public reaction to the plates that have been described as “fat shaming” by critics on social media. The plates were created by a brand called Pourtions and were meant to be a tongue in cheek look at portion control. Pourtions decribes the plates on their website calling them “helpful-and hilarious-visual cues”. The brand says the plates will “spice up your dinnertable, and your conversation.”

The plates have definitely managed to start a conversation, but not everyone is calling the portion commentary “hilarious”. Many on Twitter voiced concern over the message the plates are sending to those who already struggle with body image and the way they think about food. One user tweeted calling the plates a “toxic message, promoting even greater women beauty standards and dangerous health habits.” The user adds, “These expectations can actually kill someone, and I know someone it has. [Macy’s], remove this from all of your stores and denounce the manufacturer.”

Science correspondent for the CBS series “Innovation Nation”, Alie Ward, has also been very vocal about her distain for the message the plates send. She tweeted a picture of the plates and wrote, “How can I get these plates banned in all 50 states?” Though Ward later revealed to Huffpost that she was being sarcastic about a legal ban, she wanted to send a message that this type of commentary is not okay. She said that she, ”just wanted to show the world how insidious beauty culture, and in this case one that shames women, can be. But I wanted Macy’s to know that what they carry and display matters, it can hurt people, and they’re accountable for it.”

Macy’s has apparently heard the message loud and clear and removed the plates from the store they were being displayed in. They also sent out a message apologizing to customers, saying they “missed the mark on this product.”

What do you think of the plates Macy’s had on display?

Do you think these plates send a negative message about body image?

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Apricotdreams by Apricotdreams | CLOVIS, CA
Oct 11, 2019

Absolutely! When I saw these plates I thought, ?how dare them!?

Bets11 by Bets11 | New Westminster, OU
Sep 21, 2019

I think these plates are adorable! I would of bought some. I am not offended at all by them. It seems like the company should be able to do fun stuff- for people who enjoy- if you don't like them- you don't have to purchase.

FreeBe by FreeBe | KILLEEN, TX
Sep 14, 2019

I think the plates are cute and funny. These plates were made as a sarcastic humor. Sure, someone could take them seriously, but I would buy them because they are kind of humorous. Aside from that, I may be the medical world's ideal weight for my height and age, but I struggle with binge eating and portion control. I cute plate and a gentle reminder could do someone like me some good.

MyGuin by MyGuin | CLEARFIELD, UT
Sep 05, 2019

I think it is good for people to have a sense of what and how much they are eating. I also think these plates are funny enough that it should never have been taken offensively, I think too many people get offended by things that were never meant to be offensive in the first place, I don't think they were meant to be taken that way.

Cellardoor by Cellardoor | CHICAGO, IL
Sep 05, 2019

Honestly, that is exactly how I took myself from 274 pounds down to 166 lbs...portion control, reading the serving suggestion on the back of the box or bag, basically losing weight so I could save my own life. I understand people take it to far and end up dying from bulimia or anorexia but people die from obesity too. I did not want to end up with diabetes like my father, whom still doesnt care to participate in a healthier lifestyle and now is having a toe amputated from the diabetes, and yes he is overweight and has been since I was about 4 years old. Anyway, long story I just wrote I know but I have such a problem when i constantly here people overreacting with this fat shaming thing. I wish someone would of told me to put the darn cheeseburgers down, I probably would of had a healthier life without knee pain and back pain and not being able to chase the kids around like I wanted.

NatLew by NatLew | BROOKLYN, NY
Aug 13, 2019

People don't try to understand the weight their words can carry. Nothing wrong with encouraging portion control at mealtime, but do it in a manner that is not offensive.

Traceynbuckie by Traceynbuckie | CLARKTON, NC
Aug 08, 2019

This is a wonderful idea I love this..I think if I actually seen this while I was havn my lunch I would be more alert of what and how much I've eaten