Helping Teachers, One Wish at a Time

   By drodriguez  Oct 01, 2008

Every teacher knows how difficult it can be to keep their classrooms stocked with the essential tools their students need to learn.  The lack of funding in public schools has been a problem for a long time and does not seem to be getting any better.  One organization getting ready to launch hopes to make a difference for teachers, parents, and most importantly the student. 


The nonprofit organization is called ClassWish.  The organization will be set up as a network for parent organizations, teachers and administrators to connect.  A teacher in need of supplies can log on to the website, find the needed supplies and create a wish list.  In turn, parents or anyone wishing to donate can go on and read the teacher’s inspiring story and purchase the items from the wish list. 


Too many teachers spend their hard earned paychecks on buying necessary educational tools that schools just cannot afford.  Officials from point out that school fundraisers, where students and parents end up selling candy and gifts, are often disruptive and less than half of the profit is actually put toward the school itself.  In a survey conducted, two thirds of elementary school principals admitted they would rather not do the fundraisers if there was another alternative. 


Class Wish seems like it will be a great alternative to school fundraisers by allowing people to almost instantaneously place a much needed item in a teacher’s classroom.  The ClassWish network also allows parents to see exactly where their tax-deductible donations are going.  Plus, you can feel a lot better about giving to a child’s school without having to stash fifty candy bars in the crisper.


What do you think of what the ClassWish organization is doing?


Does their website sound like something you might use to make donations?

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Lara67 by Lara67 | Pensacola, FL
Feb 08, 2009

I think it is a great idea, I just recently made an account, since I found out where I live the schools are not even using this organization and i think it is important to let some teachers know about this place in order to help the students in their classrooms. I just recently got my Paraprofessional degree and I am working on my BA for Elementary teaching degree, so I believe I will be using this site for my future career as a teacher.

ayesha16 by ayesha16 | huntington station, NY
Dec 23, 2008

That is a great! Teachers really need help, since they are not paid a lot and when they have to pay for their class school supplies, it is expensive. So, the organization could really help the teachers.

LATeach by LATeach | Wheat Ridge, CO
Dec 14, 2008

When I saw this is October, it was not up and running yet. Unicyclemom pointed out that is a long standing site that does the same. I signed up there and it is just AMAZING. I think a lot of people are looking for ways to do a good thing this Christmas and both myself and another teacher at our school got our wishes fulfilled! Thanks!

mustangmomma by mustangmomma | Gravette, AR
Dec 08, 2008

Great idea!! Teachers can use all the help they can get!! I will pass this site along to my staff of preschool teachers.

charlottesmum by charlottesmum | Simpsonville, SC
Nov 19, 2008

I love this idea - I am a Elementary Science Lab Teacher at two schools seeing over 1000 students in a week. South Carolina's budget issues has created more out of pocket spending for me this year than any other in the last 20. It is just November and I have spent well over 2000 dollars of my money. That was more than my yearly step increase. I have a science lab wish list too...but because I see the children once a week -like a related arts member - I am usually forgotten by the parents, PTA and even adminstration Budgets are consumed "test" related purchases trying to meet and exceed Federal Mandates (NCLB) forgeting that we are trying to educate children to become productive successful adults prepared to make a difference in society. Sorry about the soapbox stance, but I try to remember what school was like when I was a student and how much more meaningful my experiences were than what we are giving our children to day.

martinas by martinas | Franklin Square, NY
Nov 12, 2008

I love the idea. Once I found out that teachers so much out of pocket, I started giving them $$ gift cards for the holidays and end of year. The site offers teachers a way to ask for much needed items, without having to ask parents or send out flyers with the kids homework. I will sent the link to my PTA reps and the Principals of our school. I think they will love it.

coreyhsmom by coreyhsmom | SUMNER, WA
Oct 20, 2008

I think this is a great idea. I told my sons teacher at the beginning of the year we don't have money to do the fundraisers but if she need any thing let me know and i would get it for her. My son and i have gone out and got stuff for her treasure box. My son loved pick out the stuff so we had a great time doing it

Soontobeteacher by Soontobeteacher | Valley City, ND
Oct 20, 2008

Wow, I like this site. I will be student teaching next fall. This would be a great resource to have for parents who want to give more but don't have the time to volunteer in the classroom.

Oct 18, 2008

I didn't know! I don't have children but know alot of them who go to the neighborhood schools. I always find myself buying supplies just to have in the house now I know there is someone who can really use them. thanks

sbuttercup by sbuttercup | West Unity, OH
Oct 16, 2008

I think this is a GREAT idea! Every year when the school supplies are so cheap, I buy many extras for my kids during the school year so we don't run out and have to pay the full price! I would gladly donate items to my kids schools to help out! I know what it is like to live on a limited income and I think the teachers are not nearly paid what they deserve, let alone spending their money on classroom supplies! I cannot wait for this site to launch and I am going to pass the information along to my PTA and my kids teachers!~

Momwithpower by Momwithpower | Cypress, TX
Oct 12, 2008

I think its great! I like helping teachers and I see they always use their own money to buy things for the kids. Sometimes the PTA helps but with money not around its hard even for the PTA to help.

Unicyclemom by Unicyclemom | brooklyn, NY
Oct 11, 2008

This is a great idea -- and there is an organization which already does this called

My cousin is a teacher and it means so much for him when others help contribute to his classroom.

TraceyS by TraceyS | Saint Peters, MO
Oct 11, 2008

I think this sounds like an absolutely wonderful idea!! I always feel bad when I think that my kids' teachers are using their own money for classroom tools- and I never know whats needed so I dont know what to send in to help out. This site would take the guessing out of the equatin so i know what Im contributing is actually needed.

Tracey S St. Louis, MO

teacherslmf by teacherslmf | Atoka, TN
Oct 10, 2008

I am a teacher and this idea is fabulous! Every year I buy crayons, pencils and folders for my 1st graders who are not in the position to get supplies for themselves!

mandyspeaking by mandyspeaking | MILFORD, PA
Oct 09, 2008

I had spent so much money in my classroom during my teaching career. I usually hand out a wish list of general supplies to parents (tissues, paper towels, baby wipes, glue sticks) and I was happy with whatever turned up. It would be nice to get things from others in the community rather than just a few parents.