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Eat, Pray, Love: What?s Your Word?

on Dec 08, 2008: I enjoyed the book and got some insight from it, but wouldn't put it on my "Favorite book" list. My word for today would be "seeker". It changes daily due to my mood or what is happening in my life. I think that is called For those of you who didn't care for the book...that's…

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Helping Teachers, One Wish at a Time

on Dec 08, 2008: Great idea!! Teachers can use all the help they can get!! I will pass this site along to my staff of preschool teachers.

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Women Join The Army For Breast Cancer Research

on Dec 08, 2008: I signed up for this as soon as I saw it on a television show. I am excited because the research pairs those with and those without cancer. It is about time they examined that angle. I urge all women to get involved with this as well as with Susan B Kolman's Race for the Cure.