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Mattel Apples to Apples Game

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Jan 22, 2010 : My family loves this game we have botht the Junior one and the regular one. We love to play it as …

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Why Do Women Usually Call Shotgun?

on Jan 22, 2010: i let my hubby drive when we go out because i am the one that has to take care of the screaming kids in the back seat and most of the time he is only in my car if awe are going somewhere far plus his backseat driving drives me nuts
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Helping Teachers, One Wish at a Time

on Oct 20, 2008: I think this is a great idea. I told my sons teacher at the beginning of the year we don't have money to do the fundraisers but if she need any thing let me know and i would get it for her. My son and i have gone out and got stuff for her treasure box. My son loved pick out the stuff so we had a g…
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A Few Tricks To Limit the Unhealthy Treats

on Oct 20, 2008: I hide my sons candy after halloween not because he would eat to much but because he can not handle all the sugar. I take my 2 year old to but we dont get as much candy for her. and any candy she gets goes to daddy lol
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