Mattel Apples to Apples Game

Mattel Apples to Apples Game

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Hilarious Game! This has been my friends, family, and my go-to game for years! It is fun and entertaining. A very comical game that can keep the laughs going for hours and the rules are very simple to understand. This game will forever be in my home and played for years to come.

This game is perfect for both adults and older kids. It makes us laugh every time.

Great game OMG, this is a hilarious family game. Hours of entertainment.

FUN FOR MY FAMILY My three girls love this game. They are 8, 13, 16. We have have a great time and its fun to predict what they would pick.

Classic Fun Game for all! Fun for many ages and large groups. Simple game play, but immensely fun!

Fantastic All Ages Family Game This is a great family game! Great for all ages! My family loves this game and play it with everyone from 82 to 4 years old.

Great for all ages! Great game for all ages! This is our go-to game for family game night. No matter what age my kids are we still have a great time playing this game!

Fun Apples to Apples was the best game to pass times and enjoy a chill hangout.

Fun for all ages! This game is a lot of fun for people of all ages! Even my 61 year old mom has a blast!

Great family game, kids could play for hours and always ask for more

Really fun game I remember my family playing this game when my oldest sister came to visit from Florida. We had so much fun sitting on the screened in porch in the summertime and playing this game. Laughing and joking around. It turned out to be such a fun game. We played it every time we got together.

fun game We love this game its so much fun and lots of laughs I would highly recommend great for all ages and good family memories.

Apples to Apples game My family loves this game and it provides hours of good clean fun for the whole group.

Fun My kids love this game and it's fun for adults too. There are a few cards that aren't the most appropriate for a younger crowd, so you might want to pull them out before letting your little ones play.

Fun Game, Fun night Great family game, also great for friends. It's an awesome game that makes for a good night. Would pretty much play on any occasion