A Few Tricks To Limit the Unhealthy Treats

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A Few Tricks To Limit the Unhealthy Treats
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What kid does not look forward to Halloween every year?  It is the one day a year that eating loads of candy is acceptable and even encouraged.  But not everyone is so happy about a heavy sack of candy becoming a part of their child’s mealtime.  With obesity on the rise and parents becoming increasingly health conscious, many want an alternative to the sugar extravaganza we call Halloween.


Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you will have to hand out raisins this year.  Lisa Flam from the Associated Press recently wrote an article on the topic of obesity and Halloween treats.  She says experts agree that indulging in a night of candy eating is nothing to worry about, regardless of a child’s weight.  But Halloween is a good time to teach children a lesson about portion control by limiting the amount of candy they consume. 


A recent AP article offers 10 tips to stop the sugar overload this Halloween.  One idea is to sit down with children before trick-or-treating to agree on how much candy they will eat that night.  Including them as part of the process will make them feel responsible for their eating habits as well as teaching them a lesson in portion control.


Another tip is to simply feed them dinner before leaving the house.  Starting out on a full stomach before trick-or-treating may help to curb your child’s appetite for the sweet stuff.  Also, walking rather than driving is a good way to get some exercise in on this indulgent holiday. 


Putting a little more emphasis on checking out other children’s costumes and house decorations may help take their minds off the treats for a minute or two along your route.  But watch out, the article warns parents not to ban candy or toss some of it out when they are not looking.  This will probably just make your child want the treats more. 


For a complete list of the Halloween tips you can visit http://www.dallasnews.com/


What do you think of the tips offered above to help kids make healthier decisions on Halloween?


Do you have any tricks that you use on Halloween to curb the candy splurge?

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  • Salelann65 By Salelann65

    I guess we started early with the "portion control" part. Each Halloween our daughter will get a piece of candy when we get home. Then depending on the days to follow, and how she is behaving(good or bad), she can have 1-2 pieces a day. We have actually had our Halloween "loot" last until the next Halloween lol=) She started out this way, and has never agrued yet with us on it. So, I guess the fact that we started her early on how much candy she can have and when she can have it, had a lasting effect.

  • jerseygirl1 By jerseygirl1

    It's not only an issue for the kids - I bought my Halloween candy already and it takes so much self control for me not to eat it!

  • maikalani416 By maikalani416

    for my work we like getting in the spirit but with all our members who come in having candy out is pricey...we generally keep out simple things like little spider rings and the temporary tattoos.....i think that'd work nicely too as a treat that's not unhealthy.

  • mandyspeaking By mandyspeaking

    I like to have dog treats to pass ou tot another who brings a pet to my door.

  • libby1260 By libby1260

    I gave pop corn balls for treats Halloween

  • capalooza By capalooza

    After going trick-or-treating, my husband and I sort through my son's candy into throw away or keep pile. Then, we let our son choose a couple of favorites out of the keep pile to eat then. The rest is put into a candy jar in the cupboard and ate over a period of time. Some of the candy will keep for several months. We also share it with friends later on at playdates and such.

  • arnauteri By arnauteri

    We pass out play dough...I'm not sure how many moms appreciate it (usually ends up in carpets...rugs...etc) but I like the idea of giving out something different. They sell a bag of 30 for 20 bucks...it's a cute idea!

  • MMaryrobertson4 By MMaryrobertson4

    I work on a college campus that puts on a Halloweeny Bash each year. The college students have blast and so do the trick-n-treaters! One of the college students gave away McDonald toys and my kids LOVED it since we don't eat at the McDonalds here in town (not good service here but other towns it's fine, go figure).

    My kids said that they thought I should give away little trinkets like that instead of candy this year. So, I'll sprinkle some candy in but otherwise it's Hot Wheel cars and stuff like that.

    We also don't limit how much candy they eat on this night but we have already talked as a family that to much candy isn't good for you. They get sick of it pretty quickly anyway. I do go through and check everything just in case before letting them eat anything.

  • shari489 By shari489

    We stared giving out little toys a couple of years ago. We buy it in bulk from companies like Oriental Trading. We have spider rings and eyeball bouncy balls. This way the kids still get a treat but less sugar. I let me kids eat a bit of candy on Halloween, but after that it's one or two pieces a day. After about three days they start asking about it less and less. I also brings small amounts to work every few days - unfortunately so does everyone else. :)

  • coreyhsmom By coreyhsmom

    I hide my sons candy after halloween not because he would eat to much but because he can not handle all the sugar. I take my 2 year old to but we dont get as much candy for her. and any candy she gets goes to daddy lol

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