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A Few Tricks To Limit the Unhealthy Treats

on Oct 16, 2008: One of my friends allows her son to fill one quart sized bag with candy and leaved the rest for the "Great Pumpkin" who takes it and leaves money for it. I thought it was a really cute idea. I am a candyholic I LOVE candy and so I'm a big advocate of teaching children to resist candy and choosing…

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What Every Woman Should Know This September

on Sep 22, 2008: schafer08---WOW your grandma is a fighter! I hope that this battle is one she can be victorious at just like in the past!

My family history is heavily saturated with cancer so I'm very aware of certain kinds of cancer and plan on taking extreme actions to prevent in particular ovarian c…

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Flip-Flop Wearers Beware

on Jul 22, 2008: I LOVE my flip flops! I wear them all day, every day but the truth is my hips do hurt but I've always blamed that on childbirth b/c my hips never hurt until I got pregnant. Though now that I read this, I'm going to have to re-evaluate my flip flops and get some with better support.