Knowing Movie

Knowing Movie

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This movie kept me guessing right up to the end. I have watched it multiple times since then and would recommend it to anyone wanting a movie that is a bit more than fluff.

I really liked this movie...even though the ending was a little odd. I definately will watch it again. It's a movie that makes you think, because you never know what could happen!

It was alright for me, but I'm not a Nick Cage fan AT-ALL I think he tends to do very hokey movies and he definitely does not pull off not even a little bit!

we saw the movie in the theater and loved it..even tho the ending was kinda wierd kids leaving with aliens..haha not thought through. but at times i got really sad because i live in nyc and you never kno what could happen..its kinda scary to think about what if this would really had to happen..great acting performance tho.defnetly would watch it again,but it could bring your mood down a little

soooo dissappointing at the end. I mean, was it a choose your own adventure and a different writer steps in and completely takes it to a different place?? The worst ending of an okay movie I've ever seen. I actually had my heart beat hard through some of it (because I have kids and my b-day is 10/19) and then the ending took a 90 degree turn for the worst!! And I kept wondering "Why do they keep leaving the children alone????" oh, "stay in the car kids, I need to make a phone call." After everything that had happened? Wont' watch again because of the horrible ending.!

Hokey ending. I didnt know it was Sci-fi until the end. I didnt know what it was about until we started watching it. I was hoping for more of a plot like the TV series Fringe. Nope. Dont waste your money on this one.

i wanted to watch this when it first came out, but i am glad i didn't. i have heard many complaints about the ending of the movie, and when i finally sat down and watched it, i too found i disliked it for the ending. the storyline started out good, but then after a while, it started to get too obvious for the character when finding clues. too many coincidence?

i like the move alot