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Edy's Fruit Bars

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Oscar Mayer Deli Creations Sandwich

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A Few Tricks To Limit the Unhealthy Treats

on Oct 19, 2008: I just give to my neighborhood children before the big night. I put my light on only for and hour or so, after that it is lights out for us. Around here van loads pull up from other areas and let kids out by the bunches. I run out quickly and cant afford to buy loads of candy to give out.

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Breaking the Gender Rules In Your Closet This Fall

on Sep 19, 2008: Not really giving this look the thumbs up.

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Saying Goodbye to ?That Time of the Month?

on Jun 25, 2007: Not a good idea to mess with nature. It just dosn't seem like a smart choice to me, although i can see why it would be wanted by some who suffer more severly with their monthly periods. Coffeeclubmom