HPV Vaccine, the first vaccine against cancer

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HPV Vaccine, the first vaccine against cancer
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In 2006 the HPV (Human Papillomavirus) vaccine Gardasil was FDA approved for 9-26 year old girls and women in America. HPV is the most common STD in the US, it's known to cause cervical cancer in women and 3,700 deaths per year. The vaccine tested 'effective' against the particular HPV strains for genital warts and strains leading to cervical cancer. This is the first vaccine to prevent cancer.

So what's the debate? The immunization committee has recommended this vaccine for all 11 and 12 year old girls. It is the first female only vaccine, the first to target an STD and most importantly the first to protect against cancer. However, in some states the decision to mandate this vaccine has been unpopular, watch the video to learn more.

Do you think all states should mandate this vaccine? How young is too young? And do you believe girls will become promiscuous because of it?

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  • vintagepurple By vintagepurple

    ps i don';t care what if it only prevented a kind of cancer you get from kicking puppys, i am pretty sure i would give it to my kid, i mean cancer is no joke

  • vintagepurple By vintagepurple

    i don't see what the big deal is people get vacsinations for all kinds of things, and this should be one of them, when people don't get vacinated they up other people at risk

  • scatteredpearl By scatteredpearl

    I'm 95% positive that this is something that my neice has due to rape. But because of the circumstances her doctors refuse to test her, they say it would be more tramatic.

    I understand that, but if being tested for STD's and normal yearly examinations is too tramitic, I wonder if dying isn't?

    I think it should certainly be an option. I cannot agree with it being mandated due to being a womans choice. The argument is that these girls are not women. My argument is that they will be.

    We teach our childre to be their own adult person, to make good educated decisions. This is assuming they cannot do that.

    If I was in the age group I would certainly want the shot. I do think that my neice needs the shot, but I cannot agree that she should be denied an education because she or her parent decide to not vaccinate.

  • sarahhummel By sarahhummel

    After having to go all these tests and pain with abnormal paps i sure wish i cld have gotten it if theres even a chance it might have helped all this!

  • workerbee By workerbee

    I feel very strongly about this subject. First I do not believe it will induce promiscuity. If the girls are taught well by their parents, schools and church, they already have the moral foundation they need. A needle will not change that.

    I also will not allow my daughter to get the vaccine. We hear too often of the new drugs on the market and then the class action law suits after all of the side effects are fully realized.

  • chudgins3 By chudgins3

    To add my my above comment, I just read this article that came out on the HPV vaccine:


    Basically, it states that 3 girls so far have died from consequences of the HPV vaccine, and 1,637 reports of adverse reactions from the vaccine. Just to restate what I said above, more research needs to be done before it should be mandatory.

  • cnmjoy By cnmjoy

    i don't get everyone's morality issue... bottom line is EVERYONE EVENTUALLY will have sex... and this vaccine will PREVENT CANCER... enough said... we are preventing CANCER

  • chudgins3 By chudgins3

    I believe more research should be put into this vaccine and ALL vaccines before they are declared mandatory. Too many times the research for the vaccine is done AT THE SAME TIME as the vaccine is declared required. I feel that a decision should be made my each person after researching and understanding the pros and cons of the decision.

  • cmckinney By cmckinney

    I DO NOT feel that giving this vaccine is going to make our daughters promiscious. My daughter is 11 and has had 2 doses of the HPV vaccine. In my opinion if there is any chance that I can protect my daughter from any form of cancer I am going to do it. People don't question their children getting the MMR vaccine, why are they fighting this one? The reason some young girls are more sexually active is because they are unsupervised, if we raise our children right then we don't have to worry about them getting into trouble.

  • wendys By wendys

    I do not think it should be mandated. It is not even 100% effective. It only is able to stop 4 or 5 strains of the virus not all of them. PAP's are essential to detect early and treat. I do not feel that this vaccine will influence promiscuity.

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