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More Bang For Your Back To School Buck

on Aug 18, 2008: Check out the local sales. There is a store that is offering 2 different school supplies each week for free. They do have a limit, but pencils, pens, folders, notebooks, rulers, glue and even crayons and color pencils for a penny or less is a great deal.

You do have to balance fuel pr…

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Dove Ads Spotlight Beauty After Fifty

on Feb 27, 2008: Yeah, Dove.

We all age. We are all going to become older. In fact I am aging right this very second. Some people choose to hide the fact with anti-aging products. Some fight it with anti-aging products. But all anti-aging products will lose the fight.

These are women tha…

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HPV Vaccine, the first vaccine against cancer

on Feb 27, 2008: I'm 95% positive that this is something that my neice has due to rape. But because of the circumstances her doctors refuse to test her, they say it would be more tramatic.

I understand that, but if being tested for STD's and normal yearly examinations is too tramitic, I wonder if dyi…