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And Then (After Many Many Tries) There Are Three

on Feb 22, 2008: really really need someone to talk to about this and just seems no one in my rl understands whatsover. So heres my spill . I was diagnosed about age 13 with endo and i bicornuate uterus. Seems like ive had everything in the world done depo lupron birhtcontrol shots. Then they just decided later on…

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HPV Vaccine, the first vaccine against cancer

on Feb 22, 2008: After having to go all these tests and pain with abnormal paps i sure wish i cld have gotten it if theres even a chance it might have helped all this!

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Behind the Scenes At SheSpeaks

on Feb 22, 2008: Thank you for giving women an avenue to be able to voice their thoughts and opinions. Great website - I love it!