Diversity For All! Models of Of Varying Looks Come Together For One Campaign

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 06, 2016

A new modeling campaign wants to spread the message that all sizes belong together in the fashion world. Though plus-size models are slowly finding their place in fashion, we often see either plus-size or “straight size” models in one ad but rarely together. A new campaign called the All Woman Project is hoping to change that and show a variety of shapes and sizes together in one place.

Today reports about the new campaign launched by Charli Howard and Clementine Desseaux that hopes to give young women a more realistic view of body image and what’s beautiful. Both Howard and Desseaux have been very vocal with their body-positive message and how important it is that we see more than just your typical size ‘0’ model on display.

Having a diverse collection of models together in one place helps to show the variety and beauty of the human form and gives young women more to relate to. Howard explains why the two decided to start the All Women Project after noticing what the fashion world was lacking. She says, “We questioned why plus-size models and straight-size models aren't featured in the same campaigns together.”

Many of the models involved in the campaign are out-spoken about the need for more diversity in the fashion industry. Desseaux explains how she hopes the next generation of young women will have more diverse and relatable media figures to look up to than she did. She says, “Growing up, we didn't have role models in media and fashion. It was never, 'Oh, she looks different. She looks like me!' Everyone was so skinny and white and perfect.” The ultimate goal for both women is normalize diversity in modeling. Howard explains, “Diversity is such a buzz word at the moment in the media and fashion. And we just want it to be normal.”

What do you think of the All Women Project?

Would a more diverse fashion industry impact other areas of society? In what ways?

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teacupalchemist by teacupalchemist | SOUTHFIELD, MI
Oct 02, 2016

Finally. We need positive imagery and to get people to stop body shaming people for being fat, thin, tall, short, dark, light, freckled, etc.

abrahambritt08 by abrahambritt08 | MYRTLE BEACH, SC
Sep 14, 2016

This is an absolutely amazing idea. I believe the industry has come a long way but still needs to focus less on being thin or plus sized but being comfortable with your body and exploring your fashionista side no matter what body type you are.

BevJordan by BevJordan | VALLEY CENTER, KS
Sep 13, 2016

Really glad we have the All Women Project, it is past time. I feel the industry needs to start using models that are the actual size of the customer . I am tired of trying to guess how a piece of clothing will actually look on a normal person.

gg2manpa by gg2manpa | FONTANA, CA
Sep 13, 2016

I'd love to see more woman modeling clothes that would fit my body type, I think I would get a better idea of what it would look like on me.

KarenAAnn by KarenAAnn | JEWETT, OH
Sep 13, 2016

I love that! Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I have been small and I have been big but I am still the same within :) Women of all sizes matter and I would be thrilled to see all sizes in this new campaign. Never be afraid to show yourself..Just Be You!

mollyloui by mollyloui | SPIRO, OK
Sep 12, 2016

I am a plus sized woman and I like to see real women my size rocking the latest fashions and looking hot doing it.

cheapskate4life by cheapskate4life | MANKATO, MN
Sep 11, 2016

I think the All Women Project is so important to the next generation of women. Our daughters/nieces/etc. need to see REAL women, women who look like them and they can relate with. And women who are different from them that they can accept just as they are.

Ocean_and_sun by Ocean_and_sun | Hayward, CA
Sep 10, 2016

This is amazing! We need to as a society stop segregating our bodies by type. I feel like having a mixture of not only races but differently sized women would be such a confidence boost for young girls to see in fashion. It shows them the normality of what the real world looks like instead of what society wants us to think what is beautiful.

Eileenann1 by Eileenann1 | HAMDEN, CT
Sep 09, 2016

This is great All women project, not every women or men has the same body shape! What would the world be like if everyone was the same? What are we teaching our children? The more diversity that is shown the more people will except it! Teaching at a young age that its ok if your a size 14 and your friend is a 2 doesn't make them a better person everyone is different. We seek perfection but need to understand that our own perfection is within our self. I'm so glad media is changing and opening the doors and windows to this fashion! 100%

stef42678 by stef42678 | LAS VEGAS, NV
Sep 09, 2016

I think the project is great because it speaks to all women and is really diverse.

buzymum by buzymum | MADISON, WI
Sep 08, 2016

I applaud the "all women project." Having three daughters I am well aware of how the media perpetuates a false idea of perfection. The fashion world has a huge impact on how girls see themselves. Having models of all shapes and sizes is a start in the right direction. Perhaps in the future we will see women of different heights and average features modeling.

abednarek15 by abednarek15 | OSHKOSH, WI
Sep 08, 2016

This is an awesome idea. I think it will be so good for men, women, boys, and girls to see that models and beauty can be found in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. So exciting to see this.

Sandicmxr by Sandicmxr | COVINGTON, GA
Sep 08, 2016

This campaign is a long time coming. There are several in the works and in watching some of these campaigns they are still showing the "skinny" girls front and center. Why not have the curves sit in a chair and the littles stand behind them?

Lora316K by Lora316K | Quail Valley, CA
Sep 08, 2016

I am not a straight size nor am I a plus size, but I never see models like that and I have no hope I ever will.

Kim1971 by Kim1971 | STOCKBRIDGE, GA
Sep 07, 2016

I love it!! Women come in all shapes and sizes. Models should be too.