Diversity For All! Models of Of Varying Looks Come Together For One Campaign

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 09.06.16
Diversity For All! Models of Of Varying Looks Come Together For One Campaign
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A new modeling campaign wants to spread the message that all sizes belong together in the fashion world. Though plus-size models are slowly finding their place in fashion, we often see either plus-size or “straight size” models in one ad but rarely together. A new campaign called the All Woman Project is hoping to change that and show a variety of shapes and sizes together in one place.

Today reports about the new campaign launched by Charli Howard and Clementine Desseaux that hopes to give young women a more realistic view of body image and what’s beautiful. Both Howard and Desseaux have been very vocal with their body-positive message and how important it is that we see more than just your typical size ‘0’ model on display.

Having a diverse collection of models together in one place helps to show the variety and beauty of the human form and gives young women more to relate to. Howard explains why the two decided to start the All Women Project after noticing what the fashion world was lacking. She says, “We questioned why plus-size models and straight-size models aren't featured in the same campaigns together.”

Many of the models involved in the campaign are out-spoken about the need for more diversity in the fashion industry. Desseaux explains how she hopes the next generation of young women will have more diverse and relatable media figures to look up to than she did. She says, “Growing up, we didn't have role models in media and fashion. It was never, 'Oh, she looks different. She looks like me!' Everyone was so skinny and white and perfect.” The ultimate goal for both women is normalize diversity in modeling. Howard explains, “Diversity is such a buzz word at the moment in the media and fashion. And we just want it to be normal.”

What do you think of the All Women Project?

Would a more diverse fashion industry impact other areas of society? In what ways?

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  • Karriekat By Karriekat

    It's about damn time! I want more of "normal" women and men to be used in advertising and media. Time to stop with the crazy ideals being portrayed and allow people to be who they are without judgement.

  • kneekollt By kneekollt

    I'm always down for seeing more people who look like me, especially women with stretch marks! It humanizes retail and makes most consumers a bit more comfortable. Unfortunately, there will still those people who would still rather see airbrushed models, but that's their choice. I would also like to see more regular looking men in adds as well.

  • LifeBreathPresent By LifeBreathPresent

    I believe that there definitely needs to be more women and women's shapes shown across media. Those of us who were never comfortable with our bodies, those who were and then had babies, and those who struggle despite fitting into the "ideal" shape of a woman all struggle. It's an internal struggle we face, as women, but it also bleeds into so many aspects of our lives - clothes, fashion, child-rearing, professionalism, opinions, and beliefs.

  • themommycooler By themommycooler

    It is about time they make some type of campaign where all women could feel goos about themselves. I think if they allowed more of a plus size attitude will change peoples minds forever.

  • budah198025 By budah198025

    I love it.

  • Joanna_Topaz By Joanna_Topaz

    I think it's a great idea! We're starting to see more clothes available at retail that fit a variety of body shapes and sizes, too, which is also a good idea -- everyone has to get dressed.

  • JayBellary By JayBellary

    I say it's about time! What a wonderful project that will effect young girls of today and tomorrow! Bravo !

  • grogansk By grogansk

    I think ad campaigns featuring groups of women are more relatable when they show women of all shapes, sizes, and colors having fun together. I'd also like to see fitness-related campaigns, like for workout gear or sporting goods stores, featuring women who aren't "athletic" looking. As a woman with curves, I sometimes wonder if they even make sports bras that will fit me. Fitness is for everyone, not just those who already look fit.

  • blamemymigraine By blamemymigraine

    The world is so anti bully and yet the fashion industry bullies women/men all the time over their ideal body type. I'm glad there are people who embrace themselves and now we are letting the world know that all of us matter. Being super skinny does not make one "couture", and having more meat on your bones doesn't make you unattractive or stylish.

  • kfraccio By kfraccio

    I think that the "all women project" is fabulous. We need to see all types of women all the time. It should have always been this way. Men too for that matter.

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