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Diversity For All! Models of Of Varying Looks Come Together For One Campaign

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 09.06.16
Diversity For All! Models of Of Varying Looks Come Together For One Campaign
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A new modeling campaign wants to spread the message that all sizes belong together in the fashion world. Though plus-size models are slowly finding their place in fashion, we often see either plus-size or “straight size” models in one ad but rarely together. A new campaign called the All Woman Project is hoping to change that and show a variety of shapes and sizes together in one place.

Today reports about the new campaign launched by Charli Howard and Clementine Desseaux that hopes to give young women a more realistic view of body image and what’s beautiful. Both Howard and Desseaux have been very vocal with their body-positive message and how important it is that we see more than just your typical size ‘0’ model on display.

Having a diverse collection of models together in one place helps to show the variety and beauty of the human form and gives young women more to relate to. Howard explains why the two decided to start the All Women Project after noticing what the fashion world was lacking. She says, “We questioned why plus-size models and straight-size models aren't featured in the same campaigns together.”

Many of the models involved in the campaign are out-spoken about the need for more diversity in the fashion industry. Desseaux explains how she hopes the next generation of young women will have more diverse and relatable media figures to look up to than she did. She says, “Growing up, we didn't have role models in media and fashion. It was never, 'Oh, she looks different. She looks like me!' Everyone was so skinny and white and perfect.” The ultimate goal for both women is normalize diversity in modeling. Howard explains, “Diversity is such a buzz word at the moment in the media and fashion. And we just want it to be normal.”

What do you think of the All Women Project?

Would a more diverse fashion industry impact other areas of society? In what ways?

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  • CTCarra By CTCarra

    I think an All Women Project is great. I did some modeling long time ago and for me it was annoying because I was a little to big for 'straight size" & too small for 'plus size'. I think healthy body types shown would be great . For girls to see someone similar to them would be positive.

  • elph71 By elph71

    This is a great idea. I would wish they weren't all posed half-naked in every ad. Can't a woman be beautiful and admirable without her clothes off?

  • gakusan By gakusan

    Every time I flip the pages of women's magazines, I get disappointed because all the women are stick-thin. We all should embrace our races and body shapes, and this project is very inspiring and wonderful!!

  • JustaSpark By JustaSpark

    I think it great! It should always be that way. There is too much" Advertising " on the so called " Perfect Woman ". Heavy set women are beautiful too! We need to see more of that on TV. I wish "TV" would get with the program.

  • Karenf By Karenf

    Great concept that is long overdue. Women should not have to be ashamed of their size due to an unrealistic media image.

  • mgruce By mgruce

    LOVE IT! It lets women know they are beautiful no matter what size they are. Today if you are not a negative zero you are fat and worthless. Its about time !

  • SuzanneMorchin By SuzanneMorchin

    Good for them. I loved the photo spread when Jamie Lee Curtis wasn't retouched.

  • KMP123 By KMP123

    I love this all women project. I have had a hard time with self image for as long as I can remember. I am short overweight and have a genetic order that causes bumps all over my body under my skin. I think that this is going to be great for women and girls of all ages.

  • tuchula By tuchula

    Ive always wanted to be a model wouth my beaytiful face how can I get involved

  • mommaking By mommaking

    I think this is absolutely fabulous! I hate that girls think that if they aren't a size 2, there's something wrong with them. Everyone should feel beautiful! This is a fantastic idea and I hope more campaigns come from this!

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