Another Adoption for Angelina Jolie

   By drodriguez  Mar 20, 2007

Angelina Jolie has just adopted her third child from a foreign country, Vietnam, making her the mother of four children. For years, she was Hollywood's bad girl in residence. The tattoos, that penetrating stare, and who could forget the vial of blood around her neck. Then things changed. Angie grew up.

Now, we see her using that same seriousness and drive towards a new outlet. Her eyes opened to the atrocities that war produces. Having started out as a humbled observer, then a U.N. Ambassador for the last six years, she is now known for something beyond her romantic entanglements. She willingly admits to using her star power to get her causes noticed. Her devotion to the people of war torn, poverty-stricken countries makes her a truly inspiring role model for many women.

As an actress of notoriety, do you think she has become a good role model and a woman who inspires others? Is it possible for a person to change this much?

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minari by minari | SCARSDALE, NY
Aug 03, 2007

I find it appalling that she cannot channel her vast expanse of financial and emotional resources into adopting at least one child from the US. Are American children not worthy of her largesse? Or more specifically American children of color since she cannot seem to stop collecting from every continent. Ugh I must stop I'll get very annoyed.

allyd by allyd | Fishers, IN
Jun 03, 2007

I didn't realize that collecting children could erase contributing to a high profile celebrity divorce without remorse. If the attention went to the health crisis in foreign countries, the need for every day people to help, the socio-economic impact of the many issues that face our country - then maybe I would say this is worth anyone's time.

Meanwhile, I've often thought that if money can't buy everything, it surely is starting to appear that way.

diane0524 by diane0524 | Apollo, PA
May 21, 2007

Whenever I see Angelina on TV, I turn the channel. I just have this feeling of "non-trust" with her, and it's as if she's trying to prove something....I also agree, why not OUR Children over here?...........I don't know, she just rubs me the wrong way....

jenn_mags by jenn_mags | Conshohocken, PA
May 18, 2007

As an adoptive parent myself I do enjoy the fact that those who have the money are reaching out to children who despreatly need it, but I do wonder if they recieve special treatment and if they are fast tracked. It is a long processes, but every minute is worth it!

rera by rera | Drexel Hill, PA
May 09, 2007

I give them credit for helping the needy, BUT what about OUR children! HELP AMERICA FIRST!


im so sick and tired of celebrities going over to OTHER countries and helping them out WHILE they walk right on by a homeless man on BROADWAY in NEW YORK while shopping!

lynx1201 by lynx1201 | Spring City, PA
May 09, 2007

I think its great Angelina uses her "star power" to help others in the world . HOWEVER- I do agree ,their are more needing help right here in the grand USA . As a adopted parent of 5 children ,(4 special needs kids ) I see the need for forever homes daily .Our foster care system is over flowing with children needing a home . Not to mention our tent cities with young families just trying to get a leg up . My grandfather always said, its great to help others in need, but lets clean up our own back yard first .

frogqueen75 by frogqueen75 | Berea, KY
May 04, 2007

Normally I just change the channel when they start talking about Angelina & the children she's collecting. It tends to especially push one of my buttons, since my husband & I suffered a traumatic pregnancy loss, suffered several years of infertility treatments before having our daughter, then did it again & had another pregnancy loss, and Angelina just flies out & picks up a new baby whenever the mood strikes her. I know that if we could afford to adopt, we would do so here in the US, as there are so many special needs children here who need the love & attention I'd be thrilled to give them!

susielucy by susielucy | Marshall, IL
May 02, 2007

I think she could do alot more good here in the USA .We have children in need of homes here too.

queenb by queenb | Chincoteague, VA
Apr 26, 2007

I feel like she is collecting children, much like some people collect too many dogs or cats! Her youngest daughter, Shiloh, is still quite young and might have benefitted from some extra attention before bringing in another child.

ClassyLadyIL by ClassyLadyIL | SAINT ELMO, IL
Apr 26, 2007

I don't find this important either, as I don't about Madonna adopting foreign kids and she lives in yet another country.Their money,their lives,I just do not have to agree with what they do.Why can't she(either one) adopt or donate to children in America? Might be more helpful to teach them in Africa and other 3rd world countries about birth control or safe sex and not bother bringing children into the world that basically starve to death or die of Aids.

sickly50 by sickly50 | Millbrook, NY
Apr 12, 2007

could not care's disgusting how women find this IMPORTANT!!!

foxxyj11 by foxxyj11 | Dudley, NC
Apr 11, 2007

I really admire her for putting her fame towards a good cause, but I do think there is a limit. She has a new baby in the house, plus two other adopted children all of younger ages. So, now she has 2 boys and 2 girls...perfect, each has a playmate of the same gender along with the other two siblings. She needs to space out her adoptions to give all the children the attention they need.

ctmeds by ctmeds | Naugatuck, CT
Apr 11, 2007

I absolutely think Angelina is a  positive role model. People need to know what is going on in the world today. She is someone I admire. Changing is part of life and like my Mother always told me, "Dont believe everything you hear and half of what you see"  I say she is true inspiration.

ahha24 by ahha24 | Chestertown, MD
Apr 11, 2007

I think Angelina is a fabulous role model for women and I do believe people can change that much. It's obvious that all she is doing is not a front to produce an image of herself to the world; her every move seems to be focused on her children and making the world a better place. Those are the two hardest jobs in the world!

Apr 11, 2007

God bless her, helping only a few can change the world, too bad more people were not like her!