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Share & Win Holiday Decorations for the Home

on Nov 10, 2011: I take an afternoon with my nephew and make new holiday crafts to display each year. We also make some for him to take home to his mom and dad. It's a special way to spend the time and commemorate the year together.

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Are You Truly Ever Ready For Kids?

on Oct 07, 2011: As a new mom to be, I just have to say how much I enjoyed this article. I am auntie to FIFTEEN, but as the finish line nears, I am thinking no way those 15 prepared me enough! Lol, but I know we'll make it somehow someway. :D

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How Do You Shampoo?

on Oct 07, 2011: I was a loyal Herbal Essences customer until a few months ago when I had a coupon to try a free bottle of Aussie Shampoo. I always purchase individual shampoo and conditioner, but with only one coupon, I decided to get the 2-n-1 and just let hubby use it. Little did I know I'd be so pregnant and e…