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  • iamboymom By  iamboymom    

    These fruit bars are one of our favorite summer treats!

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  • Lanieluck By  Lanieluck    

    So delicious and refreshing especially on hot summer days. All the flavors I've tried are so good.

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  • haboobafoofo By  haboobafoofo    


    Love Edys fruit bars! So refreshing on a hot day without the feeling of guilt or needing to hit the gym right after you indulge!

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  • lelu088 By  lelu088    

    Such a refreshing treat all year... esp Summer!!!

    I love these delicious treats. They?re made with minimal amounts of sugar and tons of fresh fruit. You can taste, see and eat refreshing pieces of fruit. I highly recommend trying these bars. They?re full of flavor, refreshing, and you can feel really good about giving them to your family & friends!!

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  • Megan2899 By  Megan2899    

    Yum Yum Yum!

    The fruit is so delicious in these bars and they are great for kiddos!

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  • Luna68 By  Luna68    

    This is what popsicles should be! We love all of the flavors my preference is the coconut. Healthy, delicious and worth every penny on a hot summer day.

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  • sthurberyoung By  sthurberyoung    

    My spin on a goodie

    Fresh and refreshing..tasty,cool and affordable...this product hit son all cylindersf or adult sor the kiddos...yum!

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  • Tammy97229 By  Tammy97229    

    Great Healthy Treat!

    My family really likes these Fruit Bars! I like that they aren't loaded with sugar! They are a great treat that you don't feel guilty about!

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  • ashhhfaithhh By  ashhhfaithhh    


    These fruit bars are a great way I 'bribe' my kiddos to do household chores with something healthier than a reward like candy!

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  • Amy197612 By  Amy197612    

    Tasty treat!

    This an awesome summer treat! I love these fruit bars!

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  • leona1219 By  leona1219    

    Your summer needs these

    These are a delicious, healthy treat for the hot summer days. It?s all fruit, so it?s refreshing and not too sweet!

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  • fmd518 By  fmd518    

    Great Product

    Edy's Fruit Bars are so good and healthy . Great kid snack when they want something sweet but healthy at the same time.

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  • cchowanec By  cchowanec    


    These fruit bars are one of my favorite "ice cream" type bar there is. They are not only healthy but also extremely full of flavor with just enough sweetness. There are multiple flavors all delicious and definitely cools me down on a hot summer day. I recommend them to anyone who enjoys ice cream.

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  • minmin By  minmin    

    nice treat

    Love fruit bars, esp these. Nice fruity taste. Good treat on a hot sunny day

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  • ObviouslyMARvelous By  ObviouslyMARvelous    

    Perfect For Fruit Fanatics!

    These fruit bars are super tasty and make great summer treats. The coconut flavor is my personal favorite!

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