Edy's  Fruit Bars

Edy's Fruit Bars

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Now are family doesn't care for these at all, had to throw 6 boxes out...they wouldn't eat them....

Was not a fan; the pineapple and strawberry were ok...the coconut tasted the worst to me

These taste like chemicals!! Yuck :(

Taste is not as good as i would have expected from this brand

I guess I just don't have a taste for health haha! I bought some, still give them to my older son(who will eat anything), but seriously after one try I was like, "Nope, doesn't taste like a popsicle". Freeze some blended fruits and coconut water and you've made your own. I just don't like them

This is the best ! ! I get a box of these from Sam's club and eat them all to myself !

Ok to throw in the hands of friends bringing over their kids, but i don't like them at all.

I honestly would have to recommend the Whole Foods frozen fruit bars over these. I believe they are the cheap 365 brand. Cheaper and healthier and awesome flavors! You can't beat that! They have ones that are tropical flavored with pieces of coconut and pineapple too, mmmm.

its great taste but sugar contents are high, i perfer sugar free for my kids. helps keep them healthy

They're good but I'm not too crazy for them

these are realy good I like that there is real fruit in them juice but they are way to sweet.

These are so good you should try them.

These are pretty good.

I tried these because I was looking for an all natural fruit bar with no sugar. Unfortunately these are very sweet - too sweet for my taste - even without a lot of sugar added. I can't eat the strawberry flavored at all. I can eat the mixed Strawberry, Tangerine, Raspberry - it's not as overly sweet. I had the Coconut version at a food show and liked it - although I've never found it in my local grocery stores. For the record however, I have to agree with another poster who stated her family hated them. No one else in my family likes them at all and won't eat them. I think *most* people would enjoy these though and would still recommend them to someone who wanted to try them.

I love these. I like to eat them in the summer. They are a nice healthy snack.