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Edy's Fruit Bars

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For His Eyes Only

on Jun 06, 2009: good idea, but how about husbands doing that for us? my lets me take pic during sex.

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For A Job Well Done

on Jun 06, 2009: rewards are needed but schools need to rethingk that types rewards are oppropraite for what age group. little kids are happy with "good job" older kids needs to lear that reward are in for of grands for college to get good grades. im not says unintelegent kids shouldn't try to go to college. but …

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Can Co-Sleeping Be Safe For Baby?

on Jun 06, 2009: i have co-slept with both of my kids sice day 1 we got home. it was easy they love it . I thnik that people that kill there babyes while sleeping are just unattentive & it there excuse for being bad parent. How u cannot notice a child there? How obisede yoiu have to big to just roll over on chil…