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How Do You Shampoo?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 10.07.11
How Do You Shampoo?
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When it comes to choosing a shampoo and conditioner, there’s a lot of options to choose from. Whether your hair is dry, damaged, fine, or frizzy our members share which shampoos and conditioners keep their locks silky, shiny, and manageable.

Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner
The Herbal Essence line of shampoos and conditioners is a popularly reviewed hair product, receiving an average of 4 out of 5 stars. Members love the smell and feel of the shampoos and conditioners as well as the low cost and variety of formulas to choose from. Member kclark37 comments, “I love these products, they are high quality and inexpensive! They do the job and smell great!!!”

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner
Many of our members find their hair feeling soft and silky after using this product as part of their hair care routine. One bonus some members mention is that you don’t have to use a lot of the conditioner to hydrate your hair, even if it’s super dry. Member melfor172 writes about how her husband turned her on to the product, “My husband loves this shampoo and conditioner. He has used it for several years. In an efffort to save money, I decided that I would start to use the product. I loved it. I loved how my hair changed after using it for only a couple days. I need to use the color treated formula. It did not dull my color one bit. I totally recommend this product!!!!!”

Matrix Bioloage Hydratherapie Hydrating Shampoo
Most of our members who have reviewed this hair product are very impressed with the results giving it an average of 4.68 stars out of 5. Most remark about the pleasant scent and the fact that it will not weigh down your hair after a wash like many other hydrating shampoos on the makret. Member kindigo27 says, “Many moisturizing shampoos leave my hair feeling greasy after a day or so, but I've not had this issue with this! It cleans thoroughly. I don't feel like I have to use a lot since it lathers quickly with a small amount. It is wonderful and it smells good.”

L’Oreal EverPure Shampoo and Conditioner
Members who color their hair tend to be very happy with the way this sulfate-free shampoo leaves hair feeling soft, manageable and clean. Members are also happy with the way their color lasts longer and doesn’t fade when washing with this. Member Autumnkat remarks, “I have been using the L'Oreal EverPure shampoo and conditioner since they hit the market. I color my very naturally curly hair and find that this product does what it claims: my color stays true between colorings and my curls stay hydrated. It's a terrific bang for the buck, too, because a little of the shampoo goes a long way. The smell of both the conditioner and the shampoo is pleasant!”

Tried any of these shampoos or conditioners?

Tell us which shampoos and conditioners you choose to lather up with!

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  • GuessWho By GuessWho

    I shampoo with Aphogee shampoo and conditioner. I started using the entire system about 10 years ago and my hair has become healthier and stronger.

  • mariewagg By mariewagg

    I have been using the TRESemme' shampoo (deep cleanse for hair prone to build up). It really works well and leaves my hair soft.

  • Racingchik44 By Racingchik44

    I was using joico shampoo and coditioner untill it got to expensive. Now I use everpure and it is working really good.

  • angelawyatt By angelawyatt

    I switch my shampoos pretty regularly and like herbal essence for frizzy hair. It calms the frizz. I have also used Loreal which doesn't seem to meet my need. Garnier is nice smelling but again just does not offer the trick.

  • snoflake384 By snoflake384

    I was a loyal Herbal Essences customer until a few months ago when I had a coupon to try a free bottle of Aussie Shampoo. I always purchase individual shampoo and conditioner, but with only one coupon, I decided to get the 2-n-1 and just let hubby use it. Little did I know I'd be so pregnant and exhausted I wouldn't feel like using two steps on my hair, so I tried the Aussie one day and I LOVE it! My hair came out feeling and looking so much better than with H.E. and it was so quick and easy. I just bought a new bottle even though I still have some H.E. leftover, I am loyal Aussie girl now.

  • MissELF By MissELF

    I use Pantene for Medium to Thick hair for frizz because my hair is very thick and naturally curly. It makes my hair feel soft and look shiny!

  • cfletch7 By cfletch7

    I use TRESemme' color protect shampoo. I really does extend the life of my colr and it smells wonderful while not being perfumey.

  • Amour-est-doux By Amour-est-doux

    I use John Freida and Nexxus and I've haven't had any problems with my hair since. I think the term "you get what you pay for" is correct with shampoo's if it's a dollar to two dollars your basically paying for an alcohol based product which is not healthy for your hair.

  • MadHatter By MadHatter

    Right now i am just using Pantene Pro-v.....i find that HE is only about the smell really, which is quite strong. not saying it smells bad because it smells great! but then i find it really dries my hair out even when i use conditioner! I switch my shampoo and don't ever stick to the same thing. my next shampoo is a Japan brand called Essentials....yay!

  • clkr97 By clkr97

    I really like the Suave for color treated hair. It does the job & my hair is soft, shiny and my color seems to not fade as fast.

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