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Post a Reboot-Your-Body Tip & Win Workout Gear

on Oct 20, 2011: I work at a gym and we have 2 different women that come in twice a week and do a zumba class I have never did it myself but the pepeole who do do it leave there talking about how great it was and how they just love it and it was fun it was not like they had just had a work out . I would try it but…

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My favorite gluten free foods

on Oct 20, 2011: I know what you mean My son is gluten senstive and it really hard for us to cook and find food for him and then for us that we like I usley have to fixe two meals because we do not care for the gluten free foods ,but he cant have them and they are very expensive to buy them . So there are time we …

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Healthy Food or Bust!

on Oct 20, 2011: I could us all the help I could get on healthy was to eat and it would not hurt me at all to lose a few pounds,but I am very worried about make sure I do it in a safe way and do not really care for the drugs that say you lose and get heathy with out eating right or exersise I do not thank that is …