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Mars M&Ms Coconut

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Tips to Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

on Apr 12, 2012: I keep a tote in my house right next to my trash can for recyclables. That way when I done with a recycled product I just toss it in the tote. When the tote gets full I dump it in my recycle bin outside. I realized doing this I recycle so much my recycle bin outside can't keep up lol :)

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RSVP for the #Cravebox 2012 Vitality Twitter Party

on Jan 26, 2012: I'll be there @kristina20022002

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Do You Do Black Friday?

on Dec 05, 2009: I had to work that black friday anyway so during my break and lunch I went out and got a couple of things. I liked the pajamas Walmart had for $3 that was a steal!!! :)