RSVP for the #Cravebox 2012 Vitality Twitter Party

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 01.19.12
RSVP for the #Cravebox  2012 Vitality Twitter Party
We are so excited for our #Cravebox Twitter Party!
Join us on January 26th @ 9pm EST to learn more and WIN the crave-worthy products in January’s Cravebox
For those not familiar with Cravebox, it is a brand new subscription based service that is in beta test. With Cravebox, each month, subscribing members receive 4-5 hand-selected products delivered to their door. Products include beauty, food, home products and others!
What’s in the Cravebox is still a bit of a surprise but, here are some hints:
hint #1: a healthy way to cook your food
hint #2: keeping track every step of the way
hint #3: a must have addition to your beauty regimen
hint #4: an extra boost to keep you energetic all day
hint #5: stay informed on how to keep healthy
Intrigued? We’ll be giving away some of the coveted Craveboxes plus much more!
RSVP by commenting on this post with your twitter handle (Ex. @cravebox)!
Cravebox & SheSpeaks #Cravebox Twitter Party Details
When: Thursday, January 26th
Who: You and your friends!
Time: 9pm EST
Hashtag: #Cravebox
Customized Tweetgrid
Party Hosts: @Cravebox @SheSpeaksUp

Prizes will include the terrific products in the January Cravebox and some full Craveboxes!!  

New to Twitter Parties?
No problem. Check out our TweetGrid 101 video at and our Twitter Party tips and hints at Then get ready to jump into the conversation!

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  • tamala01 By tamala01

    I'll be there @tamala09

  • jkholeman By jkholeman


  • SchmidtMommy By SchmidtMommy

    @SchmidtMommy will be there!

  • greenvics By greenvics

    I'm still smiling from winning a door prize last night on twitter! Thanks, ~Angel (@greenvics)

  • krisamark By krisamark

    sounds fun @clcdsmokie



  • duke25fan By duke25fan

    @duke25fan I can't wait!

  • gum1drop By gum1drop

    here @like2play444

  • cichlid By cichlid

    I'm here @cichlid

  • caseygirl1982 By caseygirl1982

    pretty sure I did this! lol but wanna make sure !!! @caseygirl1982! Now what who knows! I'll try to keep up! and will be watching the video! promise

  • Carolnfoster By Carolnfoster

    Carolnfoster on twitter rsvp

  • Carolnfoster By Carolnfoster

    I'm there

  • thethingsitry By thethingsitry

    Hoping for a door prize. Having so much fun!

  • mahini By mahini

    hope i'm not too late! @mahini

  • BetteronaBudget By BetteronaBudget

    Count me in! @betteronabudget

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