Mars M&Ms Coconut

Mars M&Ms Coconut

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Oh my goodness, my sister got me hooked on these when they were available at our local grocery store. I am not one for coconut especially in flake form but these were AMAZING!! I had to hide these after a while because they were gone in a flash. I have not seen these after that little awesome period they had them available, but I woud buy them again. M & M coconut candy was very tasty, the combination complimented eachother well and there was literally a party in my mouth when I tasted these! Would definitely recommend these.

This has to be my absolute FAVORITE M&M! I love coconut flavor without dealing with the shaving and things like in a Mounds! They are so yummy!

I love trying new things and this candy is pretty dandy!! I love coconut and chocolate together and these are pretty big in size. I was overall very pleased with this!

I love coconut flavored m&m's! They tasted so good. If you love coconut and chocolate these are definitely a must!

Really delish !!!

I liked them. I am a big coconut freak especially with chocolate but nobody does it better than Hershey with almond joy or mounds.

Loved them!

not my favorite M&M for sure

Tastes better than your average grocery checkout chocolate. I love the seasonal M&M's and unique flavors, they are always great to set out or have as a snack!

The coconut M&M's were ok but I don't think I would ever buy them again.

its goooood :)

love ,love them! they are so good

I'm not much of a coconut lover,but my 3 & 4yr old boys loved them!! Now they won't eat regular coconuts,so the M&M's must not have a strong coconut flavor.

Yummy, but needs more coconut flavor.

I love them!!!! They taste great and remind me of summertime.