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L'Oreal Paris Visible LIft Blur Foundation

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Mrs. Meyer's Counter Top Spray in Lavender

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Celebrate Chocolate Chip Day with us & Win some Tate's Cookies!

on May 06, 2015: Plain old chocolate chip cookies please!!

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What Changes Does McDonald's Need to Make?

on May 06, 2015: There are a lot more consumers educated about the ingredients in the products they consume. Nobody wants fillers or pesticide foods. Focus on quality food made from non-gmo and organic farming. We all want to eat healthier. Can you add a non soy, non gmo, quality veggie burger to the menu with…

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RSVP for the @Aveda #AvedaNaturallyStraight Twitter Party 8/27 at 2pm ET!

on Aug 27, 2014: RSVP @danyellalana I have crazy curly hair and it takes an hour to straighten it, this stuff seems amazing like a god send