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How Do You Slice & Dice?

on Sep 29, 2011: i chop with a knife, i have one of those choppers but find them hard to store and then forget about them at times since they blend with all the other items in my pantry

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Seven Startling Facts About the Perils of Sitting

on Aug 20, 2010: I have arthritus and sit even more than that a day and have found it leads to so many problems. If you can get up and get around you should. when I worked in an office I made sure I would get up every hour or so to refill my drink cup or something so I could stretch my legs and step away from the …

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Tights: Not Your Mother's Pantyhose

on Nov 20, 2009: I don't like tights usually I feel constricted and uncomfortable. However, I am finding the warmer ones are fun, look good and more comfortable.