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Naked Juice Drinks

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Rubbermaid Reveal Mop

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Motherhood and Makeup: What's Your Take

on Oct 30, 2009: i dont wear any except for an occasional Burt's Bees colored lip-gloss.

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Three Wine Faux-Pas to Avoid

on Oct 30, 2009: i like the ice in my red wine occasionally if i'm doing a spritzer, otherwise i agree with the author, it waters the wine way too much. as for 1/2 glass, i just dont get that. my husband wont split with me, and if i get 1/2 a glass then i feel like i'm being cheated.

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To Tell or Not To Tell

on Jan 26, 2008: i, personally, would like to know what kind of lard is being used to prepare my food. i dont want any trans fats. i want to know what kind of oil was used to fry my chicken and french fries. i want to know if i can substitute soy for regular milk and not have to pay extra.

i'm so glad …